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A Week of Holiday Wellness: 6 Ways of Holiday Self-Care

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A Week of Holiday Wellness - Donna Brown
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It has been an exceptionally busy year and so I haven’t blogged very often but I was invited to post on Terri Giuliano Long’s blog as part of her ‘Week of Holiday Wellness’ so I’m over there today sharing my thoughts on self-care.

There is lots about Christmas that is magical and beautiful. Unfortunately, it’s also the time of year when some of the things that can quickly worsen anxiety seem to come thick and fast: get togethers, crowds of holiday shoppers, things not running on time, weather disrupting our carefully honed plans. So I’ve shared a few things I keep in mind to get through the festive period and enjoy it a bit more:

It’s the most wonderful time of the year. Except, it’s not. Not for everyone. The holidays can be a time of overwhelm, when even those of us who manage to keep everything, just about, on an even keel throughout the year can begin to feel unbalanced. Struggle with social anxiety? Welcome to the season from hell. For many people, the holidays may be a season of goodwill. For others, it’s a season of guilt. We worry we’re not the life and soul of the party and might be bringing others down. We worry about what people will think of us if we don’t feel able to attend a social function. Worse, we can feel lonely, even when surrounded by others, because it doesn’t feel like a time to be sharing. Presents? Yes. Feelings? Sadly, not so much.

I can only speak from my own experience but I also find this a hard time of year so today I’m sharing a few of the things that make it a little easier for me. I hope these 6 Ways of Holiday Self-care are of some help and I’ve love to hear your own tips in the comments!

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My husband, Dave, is also featured the blog this week talking about running towards wellbeing and there have been and will be other posts throughout the week focused on holiday wellness. Stop by if you can!

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