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I am aware I am being painfully slow in writing up my last few summer trips (Liverpool, Birmingham, Glasgow and Oxford) but life has a habit of getting in the way. I have at least started the Liverpool entry but, with it occurring at the time of the Biennial, I really had forgotten how many cool things I had managed to see. The post is coming along, albeit slowly!

However, I have finally started to compile a Pinterest board with some of the things I’ve seen this summer. They are not all necessarily things I’ve loved immediately but they are things that made me want to reflect or which I’m still getting my head around. And, yes, some I did absolutely love to bits, unquestionably.

What’s next?

Sadly, a winter of discovery is not on the cards, at least not to the same extent. I am, however, still looking forward to seeing many things, although possibly staying a bit closer to home. I’ve visited Flesh at York Art Gallery (amazing) and am looking forward to the sculpture prize at Hepworth Wakefield. I’d love to return to the Whitworth Art Gallery for the Artists Rooms: Andy Warhol showing later in the year. Tate Liverpool also beckons with a number of current/upcoming shows (Tracey Emin/William Blake, Yves Klein, Cécile B. Evans and Edward Krasiński. It seems my project opened a can of worms but in a very good way.

I will have much less time in the daytime over the coming months, though much more in the evenings (touch wood). Hopefully, I can finally make a start on reading some of the intriguing books I found this summer. We shall see. Either way, what a beautiful summer this was…

Pinterest board

I originally started with Padlet but, while I really like Padlet, wondered if Pinterest might be a better fit for this particular endeavour. It was all going well until I ended up in Pinterest jail for 24 hours – my enthusiastic pinning had obviously flagged some sort of spam warning. Anyway, I am free now but pinning a little more steadily to avoid the same thing happening again, so this is very much a work in progress…

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