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The Pica Pica Project: Manchester Art Gallery and The Whitworth

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The PICA PICA project
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This week brought a great day in Manchester but I completely ran out of time. So I have a return trip planned and this time I’ll stay overnight. In the meantime, I have to give big shout outs to The Whitworth Gallery and Manchester Art Gallery. I saw some fantastic things in both. Here are some of the highlights (as I didn’t take photographs, these are courtesy of some amazing Twitter peeps who did):

Whitworth Gallery

As I posted on Twitter, I’ve never had more than a gentle admiration for textiles until saw this exhibition and it really changed my point of view. I can’t stop thinking about it. There was a beautiful book that I really wished I’d bought and I’m pretty sure I’ll be grabbing a copy on my return trip. This has definitely given me a much more enhanced appreciation of this art form.

I can’t really put into words how Nico Vascellari’s installation moved me. I kept seeing different things and feeling different things and in the end it left me with a very shocked, almost breathless feeling. The light, shadow, images, sound all worked together so perfectly and along with the history of the site depicted, this was incredibly powerful. I can’t wait to go back and yet at the same time, I admit to feeling a slightly nervous sense of anticipation.

Manchester Art Gallery

I must admit that this last exhibition in particular got me questioning. I have some quite negative feelings about fashion and fashion photography because of the high expectations it places on us to be perfect, flawless, live up to an ideal. (At the same time, I also feel somewhat hypocritical because I love some of the outfits and would be thrilled to have the chance to try some of them on – provided I could even get in to them!) However, there was a lot of social change covered in this exhibition and you could see that Vogue has covered some really quite groundbreaking subjects in its time and changed the face of photography quite significantly. I bought a book to read more and question some of my assumptions.

In the week to come, I’ve decided on a last minute overnighter to Newcastle. London is still to come and, although I’ve decided to hold off on Berlin for now until a less busy time of year, there are still repeat visits to Manchester, York, Leeds and Sheffield to look forward to. The project continues and I’m absolutely loving every minute…

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