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The Pica Pica Project: Thinking about the Days of Discovery

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The PICA PICA project
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I’ve decided that Wednesdays (and possibly some Mondays) will be the perfect days for my ‘Day(s) of Discovery’ each week, so I’ve been researching some of the things I’d like to do. I must admit, some things that have made my shortlist are not 100% new to me but I often think you never really see things the same way twice and it is a long, long time since I visited these duplicates so even if they hadn’t changed (highly unlikely!), I certainly have.

Here is the list so far:

– Abbey House, Leeds
– Thackray Medical Museum, Leeds*
– Tate Liverpool (unless I get to London. Thinking about it for an overnighter. David says he’ll catsit but I’m not sure if that’s just his way of getting out of being dragged round museums and galleries!)
– The Hepworth, Wakefield
– Bodyworlds exhibition, Newcastle
– Whitworth Art Gallery, Manchester
– Manchester of Science and Industry, Manchester
(* = visited before – a looooooong time ago)

The PICA PICA project

I’ll want to try and double up and do two things in one day where I can but be home in time for work (save for the potential London days). I’m pretty happy with my list as a start point though. It has a nice mix of art, history, culture, science and medicine.

I’m hoping to add to this list as I’ll have quite a few Wednesdays and really want to make the most of them before the job/studying/placement mayhem begins again in September.

Roll on Wednesdays…

The PICA PICA project

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