Inspire Me Monday: Origami Adventures #2

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origami strawberry
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Inspire Me MondayOn Mondays I’ll be taking part in Inspire Me Monday run by Create With Joy. Why not head on over to the site and see what’s inspiring dozens of amazing and creative bloggers this week?

For years I’ve been intrigued by origami but never got around to taking that interest a step further. Then I saw a book with ten patterns and a stack of origami paper one day and decided to take the plunge. Origami Adventures will chart my journey from the basic models – along with all the misfolds, creases and questionable ‘symmetry’ – through to my ultimate goal of advanced designs and modular origami polyhedra.

Origami Adventures: Strawberry

I took a little break from my origami posting due to a crazy time and doing the A-Z Challenge with Mr B. Now I’m back and this week saw some fun challenges. The fox returns in a new style, plus the penguin and a cool strawberry joined the fold. (The fold… get it…? Okay, I apologise.)

origami fox

origami penguin

origami strawberry

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