The Prison Break Ending Reimagined (Spoiler Alert)

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Prison Break
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**Warning: Contains major spoilers so don’t read if you haven’t finished PB!**

When I discovered Prison Break it wasn’t long until I was fascinated by the unravelling of Michael Scofield’s tattooed mysteries (ahem) and quite gripped by the ‘will they, won’t they’ aspect of both of the escape and major plotlines (such as the Michael-Sarah romance).

As the series’ continued, I found myself a little frustrated – would they ever be free? – though I suspect that’s rather the point. These are people who don’t ever seem to be able to escape, even when they’ve escaped. If we feel like pulling our hair out, imagine how they must feel…

And then, of course, it ended and as moving as that final scene was, where you saw everyone moving on and realised that there was one important individual missing, it had something missing. A hand! A hand needed to sweep down as everyone disappeared onto the beach. A mysterious hand that plucked up the origami crane as the owner watched everyone from a distance.

Now as rumours of a Prison Break return are circulating, I say the first order of business needs to be adding that hand. I know Scofield being alive won’t make much sense in the light of the events of the TV movie ‘Prison Break: The Final Break’ but we’ll swallow it. If we’ll swallow a half-body overnight tattoo removal, we’ll swallow anything.

Wentworth Miller suggested that new episodes could be little insights into past events. I say, no. Make new events and let us be all smug as the greatest romance continues (by which I mean the ever-so-lovely bromance between Sucre and Scofield).

So, add the hand. Who’s with me?

Prison Break

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