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Pinterest: Welcome to the New ‘Memory Lane’

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I’ve been on Pinterest for a couple of years now and I’ve collected a fair few pins. Recently, I needed to refer back to a graphic I’d worked on for a client. I hunted through my files with no joy so I decided to scroll back through my pins, sure I’d find a copy there.

An hour later I had been distracted, delighted and diverted. I also had a brand new respect for Pinterest.

Like many, I’d begun to joke about Pinterest. I use it and love it but the summation that ‘Pinterest is the ultimate wishlist of experiences you’ll never have, places you’ll never see and products you’ll never own’ seemed pretty fair. There’s nothing at all wrong with that. The driving force behind Pinterest’s appeal is that we love to aspire and be inspired.

Here’s a fun challenge, though. Spend a half hour going back through your boards. It’s pretty magical. You’ll see how your interests changed, how your skills evolved, how – dare I say it – you grew. Maybe you’ll find…

  • Those recipes you scoffed at in the beginning? They’re easy as pie compared to the complex masterpieces you’ve progressed to.
  • That wedding you had 200 pins for? You used some of them but actually the day was 10,000 times better than your Pin board could ever have led you to hope for.
  • The thing that made you laugh so hard you snorted and almost spat wine all over your keyboard two years ago? It’s still just as funny now.

As I scanned through my pins I remembered family events, new (feline) additions to our family, videos I’d discovered, skills I’d developed. I realised that Pinterest offers inspiration and aspiration for the future but it also offers a very personalised memory lane into the evolution of your own likes and loves. As it ages, those possibilities for looking back will only increase.

It will never replace personal photo albums or shared family memories but, if nothing else, it shows that inspiration and aspiration lead to change and the ability to keep on thinking big.

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Donna Brown
Avid reader/audiobook listener, fan of podcasts, prone to the odd Netflix binge. Mum to six crazy and incredible rescue cats. Occasional writer of short stories and poetry.

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