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18 Most Loved/Used Apps of 2013

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AppsAt the end of 2012 I finally succumbed to temptation and got an iPad. That meant 2013 was a year of app-y (groan) discovery. I have been amazed at how many things can be done on the iPad and what an amazing tool it is for productivity, fun and networking. 2013 was the year I finally said ‘Goodbye’ to Windows – if the Windows 8 fiasco weighed down the camel, the ‘critical corruption’ errors that dogged people after the 8.1 update broke its back completely – and bought a MacBook Pro. I hope 2014 will be another year of discovery!

In the meantime, here are my most used and loved apps of 2013.

18 Amazing Apps

Hover over the image for all the links you’ll need to explore these great apps:

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