Buzzcocks and Batshit: We All Forget the Lyrics

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Broken mug
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If you’re wondering why people are making such a fuss about this mug smashing scene from Never Mind the Buzzcocks, it’s because:

But, actually, I think it’s the only way we can handle our ‘What? Why? Did I miss something?’ feeling. Someone, somewhere must have an idea about what went wrong. Because, if nothing went wrong and it was just mindless mug breaking, how will we cope?

Never Mind the Buzzcocks is a truly funny show with some classic moments. It requires a spirit of fun, as can be seen below:

The best guests have always been those who embrace the fun and realise that, yes, the joke’s on them, but remember that the Brits love an underdog so maybe there’s something to be said for just lying back and, um, thinking of England?

This kind of reaction might get you a place in Buzzcocks history, but probably only in the same way as people only remember Alfred for burning cakes. Not really iconic…

Is it a little mean, a little cynical? Well, the host for years was Mark Lamarr, so that should tell you everything you need to know. (We miss you, Mark!)

It has, thankfully, proved popular enough to run year after year. Which means that potential guests have had years and years to figure out the format. Never seen it? That’s why YouTube is your saviour.

Just as you don’t go to a Jack Dee show if you’re expecting kittens and fluffy bunnies and you don’t go watch Frankie Boyle if you’re offended by, well, anything, and just as you don’t go in X-Factor if you can’t sing (please can someone tell the contestants!), you don’t agree to be a Buzzcocks guest if you’re easily irked.

But maybe, you ask, it was meant to be a little rock and roll? We may be British and the stiff upper lip tradition is still bearing up remarkably well, but a mug?! Except, yes, it seems a broken mug is just a little too rock and roll for us after all. We’ll forgive the sex, the drugs and the rock and roll but there’s a line you don’t cross and that’s crockery.

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