My Worst Kept Secret: TopCashback

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Actually, it’s not really a secret at all. In fact, TopCashback has become one of my favourite sites. Yet for reasons I cannot comprehend, I’ve struggled to get some people to take it seriously sometimes. Why? I put it down to the ‘too good to be true’ effect.

So now, with the help of the lovely TopCashback peeps, I’m going to lay it out straight and show that there’s nothing to fear!

TopCashback by Numbers

To date, I’ve earned – and, yes, been paid – over £1000 from TopCashback. That’s since March 2011, a huge boost to the household. There have been times when TopCashback payments have been a lifesaver, other times when they’ve enabled us to enjoy a well deserved treat.

I like numbers. They’re transparent. That number – £1000 – speaks volumes to me. But the most frequent question I get asked is ‘How can they do it?’. Somehow, the transparency that this form of advertising takes makes it hard to see it as advertising. Has there ever been anything smarter than paying people to come to you, rather than sending out the wide expensive net of TV and print ads and seeing what you get? Cashback sites are a win-win for consumers and companies.

From the Gift Horse’s Mouth

The very accomodating folks at TopCashback kindly sent me a few facts I could share to explain the process more fully. These numbers also speak volumes.

  • We have over 2.8 million members and 4,000 stores on our website!
  • We have two tiers of membership. Classic which is free, and Plus which increases the cashback amount received to 105% of the commission we receive (with other benefits) for a small annual fee of £5.
  • ‘Cashback’ is actually the commission we make from the sale. We then pass this commission on to the member when they purchase a product or service.
  • We actually make money from sponsored adverts and placements on site, not from commission.

Top TopCashback Tips

Here are my top tips for cashback shopping:

  • Always go through the cashback site to visit the store: even if you’re browsing, you want to be sure the cashback is tracking if you do decide to purchase.
  • Clear all cookies before visiting TopCashback: make sure your purchase is giving you the cashback you deserve!
  • Pennies make pounds: it’s easy to think that any saving will be inconsequential but over time these small amounts – 5% here, 10% there – really add up.
  • Find deals on telecom, utility, insurance and internet services: if you get a good quote, the cashback on top can prove a welcome extra saving.
  • Cashback can sometimes take a while to track: don’t hesitate to put in a report for missed transactions etc. Queries are easily resolved in the majority of cases!
  • Watch out for increased cashback offers: these deals can offer vastly improved rates.
  • Don’t budget: I’ve never had a problem with cashback payments but they can take a while to be paid out, due to retailers terms. By all means expect the payment but don’t budget for a specific time.
  • Shop around: TopCashback has a huge range of retailers so you can get the best price as well as a great cashback deal.
  • Accept that every now and again, something that seems too good to be true is, well, true!

Cashback Feedback

I’d love to hear about your experiences with TopCashback. How much have you saved? What would you spend £300 on if you earned it back on your purchases over a year? Let me know!

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