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Book Review: Alternative Movie Posters – Matthew Chojnacki

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About Alternative Movie Posters
Alternative Movie PostersOver the years the motion picture industry has (sadly) gravitated to generating poorly cropped and heavily airbrushed posters that rely far too often on celebrity head shots. Thankfully, an underground network of graphic designers and artists has reinvigorated the art of the movie poster, crafting stunning pieces for classic and cult films. Here is the first comprehensive look at the movement, presenting this eclectic and dynamic medium through more than 200 eye-popping posters from over 100 cutting-edge artists, coupled with fascinating commentary and behind-the-scenes information. These new, underground posters have quickly become the most coveted by ardent moviegoers; they are typically produced in very limited runs, sell out within minutes, and command upwards of several hundred dollars each. With a smart, fresh visual perspective, alternative movie posters celebrate classics like Star Wars, A Clockwork Orange, and The Shining as well as cult favorites: The Big Lebowski, Blade Runner, and Pink Flamingos.

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Alternative Movie Posters

I love films, although Dave is the real movie buff in the household. The art of the movie poster has undergone a real transformation over the decades. The iconic posters of yesteryear still deserve pride of place. That’s great, but it’s sad too. The great movies of today also need great poster art. Sometimes the promotional art seems more of an afterthought.

That’s where Alternative Movie Posters comes in. Meet the designers with a passion for film and film artwork. From The Shining to Heathers, from Rushmore to A Clockwork Orange, this is a brilliant array of stunning artwork.

This will be the perfect Christmas gift for movie lovers, those who love art and graphic design, people who enjoy reading about pop culture and anyone who likes to see a different creative perspective. It’s a beautiful, beautiful volume.

Verdict: 5/5

Source: Netgalley

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