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App of the Week (21/10): Frequency

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You know you have too many apps on your iPad when it takes you an age to find anything you don’t use constantly. I’m not running out of space so much as I’m running out of time. So any app that makes things a little simpler is worth a look. And if it doesn’t make things simpler? Well, once you’re an app addict, there’s not much can be done. Not so much ‘Gotta catch them all’ as ‘Gotta try them all’…

App of the Week: Frequency

This week’s App of the Week is Frequency, a video streaming app. If you want to keep up with certain channels without having 50 bookmarked sites or various apps to check each day, Frequency is perfect. I like to keep abreast of current affairs, but there are certain topics I also need to keep on top of for work. Plus, I need blogging inspiration and videos are great prompts.

Within minutes of downloading frequency, I had fired off 5 emails to my husband sharing videos he’d love. (Don’t worry: it’s not that we don’t speak, just that it was 2 a.m.). I’d saved half a dozen that would be useful for work or blog posts. And, of course, I’d watched far too many useless but nonetheless highly entertaining videos. I was hooked.

One of my many finds…
This is a very easy to use app with a massive range of channels. Not confined to iPad, it’s available via Apple TV, iPhone, Samsung SMART TV, Samsung Blu-Ray Players with Smart Hub, PC and – coming soon – Android.

If you like watching cats do funny things (who doesn’t?), keeping up with the news, finding out cool – if random – stuff, and generally being the one to share the viral video before your friends do, then definitely check this out. There’s something for everyone, I’m sure of it. If not, Frequency even allows you to add extra videos and RSS feeds.

Oh, and it’s free. Which is almost criminal in an app/service this useful.

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