15 Movies with Unforgettable Bathtub Scenes

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Did you know that it’s Bathtub Day today? (Not to be confused with February’s Read in the Bathtub Day.) For some, bathtubs are the perfect relaxation haven. For others – mostly horror/thriller fans – they’re the stuff of nightmares.

In no particular order, here are 15 movies with pretty unforgettable – and not always for the right reasons! – bathtub scenes…

15 Memorable Bathtub Scenes

Please note that some clips contain violence, strong language and/or spoilers.

1) Fatal Attraction

Never a film to shy away from graphic moments, this unforgettable scene easily earns a place on the list.

2) Inception

Proof positive that a bathtub scene doesn’t need to be in a horror flick to give you chills.

3) Scarface

It’s a scene that could be memorable for the dialogue and tension, if only I weren’t distracted by the thought that money can’t buy taste. I’m not sure if this is a bathroom better suited to Del Boy (in his brief millionaire days). In fact, I’m not even sure it can be called a bathroom. Pool room maybe?!

4) Duplex (AKA Our House)

Perhaps one of the best scenes in this – much less funny than it could have been – comedy, Ben Stiller finds that crime doesn’t pay, especially when the punishment is an octogenarian striptease.

5) What Lies Beneath

Yet another scene that proves a scene doesn’t always need thrills and shocks to make an impact. And I admire any actress willing to have their feet featured. You wouldn’t see mine for anything (nor would you want to…)

6) The Big Lebowski

I feel far sorrier for the marmot than the Dude in this clip but I can’t think of many more effective ways to demolish a serene bath scene! No marmots were harmed in the making of this clip. Who would harm these super cute ones?

7) The Lost Boys

There are so many good things about this scene – the timing, the dog, the singing, the dog, the contrast of light and dark, the dog. None of which would be quite so perfect if it weren’t for the ‘Wait until mom…’ line. Oh, and did I mention the dog?

8) Pretty Woman

I’ve seen this movie so many times but I still get a grin like the Cheshire Cat whenever I watch this scene. Don’t you just love Prince?

9) Piranha 3DD

Once you’ve watched this movie, it can’t be unseen, so consider the sharing of this clip a PSA. Watch the full film at your own risk, unless you relish the thought of wanting to scrub your eyes with bleach.

10) The Money Pit

If you’ve ever bought an aged and ailing house, you might view this as more tragedy/horror than comedy. I have and I do; this bathtub scene still fills me with dread whenever I go for a soak.

11) Pride & Prejudice

Not technically a movie and not a patch on the lake/shirt/swimming scene but it has a bathtub and it has Colin Firth. Enough said.

12) Get Carter

A young Michael Caine shifts from calm and collected to furious brother in this scene. Also features a woman with a – presumably – very dirty leg.

13) Psycho

What’s that you say? It’s a shower scene? It sure is, but she’s standing in a bathtub so there’s no way we’re skipping this on a technicality.

14) A Hard Day’s Night

You realise how young the Fab Four were when they were catapulted into fame when you watch this or Help. This lovely scene of bathroom larking about is sure to raise a smile.

15) Dumbo

Who didn’t want a baby elephant after watching this? Well, most of us probably considering the mess but even so, this is adorable.

Who missed their bath?

Let me know which other scenes you’d add to the list!

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