#BlogFlash2013: Day Nine – Spring

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Thank you to Terri Giuliano Long for hosting another BlogFlash event. To see Terri’s post for the day (and find links for others’ pieces) visit Terri’s blog

Day Nine – Spring

But first an apology! I have been absolutely dreadful with comments this time around, allowing my husband Dave to do them more often than not. But I want to say that I AM reading everyone’s posts and my comment delinquency is mostly as a result of hating commenting via my iPad. I am enjoying everyone’s fiction, reflections, poems, haiku and thoughts immensely! And THANK YOU for all the nice wishes I received after my “Island” post. They must have worked because I slept like a log last night!

So, onto “Spring”…

Whenever I think of spring, I can’t help but think of a “Slinky”. Remember those? I was rubbish with them (along with the yo-yo, hula-hoop, kite, skateboard – basically every ‘cool’ toy!) but I loved them. Not necessarily the swanky metal ones but those plastic rainbow coloured ones? Oh yes! I used to love the noise it made when you passed it from hand to hand (I believe the grown-up equivalent is one of those ‘rainmaker’ ornaments) and probably drove my parents round the bend with it!

I also miss my Big Yellow Teapot and my A-La-Carte Kitchen. I suspect that the Slinky is the only one I can get away with playing with under the “Retro for grown-ups” argument! And maybe some Sylvanian Families figures…?

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