#BlogFlash2013: Day 6 – Island

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Day Six – Island

I know this was due on on Friday. Bleh. I’m only averaging 4 hours of sleep a night right now and couldn’t bring myself to write about an island when all I wanted to do was go to sleep on one! Come to think of it, sometimes insomnia feels like its own island. Everywhere is quiet, your husband – even your cats – are asleep. The world is at peace.

“Why can’t I have some of that?” you think.  Instead, you lie back and watch the light seep through the curtains.

I’ve tried many things over the years: milk, hot baths, lukewarm baths, not eating after a certain time etc. It comes and it goes. So this month I’m lying in bed at 4 a.m. listening to an audiobook so I don’t wake my husband – even my cats – with the light? There are certainly worse afflictions in life.

I’ll remind myself of that the next time I’m feeling shipwrecked.

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Donna Brown
Avid reader/audiobook listener, fan of podcasts, prone to the odd Netflix binge. Mum to six crazy and incredible rescue cats. Occasional writer of short stories and poetry.


  1. Oh Donna, I'm sorry to hear that you aren't sleeping again. I know what that is like all too well. I always think I should just get out of bed and catch up on blogging or other things but I'm too tired to actually think straight.
    I hope you get some sleep soon!

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