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App Review: Spout

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About Spout
SpoutIntroducing Spout, the newest way to enjoy news, messages, tweets and comments; delivered to your screen as a beautifully rendered up-to-the-second display of social content.

Instead of spending hours scouring the web, simply ‘turn on the Spout’ sit back and enjoy a steady stream of information specifically meant for you! Relax as a veritable flood of news, messages, tweets and comments pour forth from your
Facebook, Twitter, or Google Reader (RSS) feeds.

Words spill onto your device, swirling, twisting, and scrolling across your screen, pooling in the centre momentarily, like a leaf on a pond, before being whisked away as new social messages pour in. Then, poke the surface and a built-in web browser takes you up-stream to the source, without leaving the tranquil and hypnotic Spout app.

Clean, crisp, and fresh, Spout will satisfy anyone with a thirst for the best in passive social reading experiences.

Review: Spout

I was looking for an interesting way to scan my Twitter timeline and decided to give Spout a whirl. I had previously tried Trickle and it wasn’t for me, so I wasn’t sure if Spout would go the same way. As it turned out, I was pleasantly surprised.

Spout offers a variety of display options, plus customisations of the speed text displays, for how long, how tweets are shown. I often dip into Twitter for small chunks of time, so this is a great way to check through a few tweets.

Allowing you to connect to Twitter, Facebook and Google Reader, you could quickly become overwhelmed with too much information. Thankfully, Spout allows you to switch streams on or off, depending on what you want to see. It’s also great for monitoring a hashtag. Last week I was trying to keep an eye on new tweets for an event and it was great to just set Trickle to display them and glance up periodically to see what was new. Okay, so you can jump onto Twitter and check but this is definitely easier on the eye.

A couple of small improvements I’d love to see are instant RT and Favourite buttons. You can connect to the Tweet in the browser without leaving Spout and/or save it for later but it would be fantastic to share or favorite with just one tap (an area where Trickle does currently have the edge). Also, if you’re keeping an eye on a hashtag that isn’t getting constant tweets, it’d be great to be able to set a ‘ping’ or other sound to indicate a new tweet, so you don’t have to keep glancing up.

Otherwise, I can’t really fault it. For something as simple as scanning a few tweets while the kettle boils, or keeping track of a particular conversation, this is a pretty sweet app. Hopefully it will get even sweeter in the future.

Verdict: 4/5

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Donna Brown
Avid reader/audiobook listener, fan of podcasts, prone to the odd Netflix binge. Mum to six crazy and incredible rescue cats. Occasional writer of short stories and poetry.

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  1. I have an Android so I don't know if this app is available. I'm not really big on apps but do like to know what the good ones are when I realize I need one. I like the Google reader widget I have on my tablet so I can quickly glance at who has updated (now I need to update my feeds to see what I want)

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