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Photo a Day July – Day Fourteen: Building #photoadayjuly

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The “Photo A Day July” challenge is an opportunity to take snapshots of 31 seemingly straightforward aspects of your life in a fun/interesting/unique way. You can see my other posts here.

Day Fourteen: Building

Building a Blog Post

I had intended to actually go out and take a photo of a building today but the weather was against me and and I opted to stay indoors and comfortable, wimp that I am. In truth, I’ve now had a terrible throat for almost two weeks and have been undertaking a read-a-long with several members of The Indie Exchange, so I decided these were excuses enough for burying myself in cosy clothes and snuggling up in a chair with the duvet. “It’s July!” I hear you shout… Well, it may be. It’s also the UK!

I digress! In the end, I opted for this take on ‘building’: building a blog post.

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Donna Brown
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  1. I was hoping to find some construction and take a picture of people building but I didn't. I got a pic of a cool building downtown when I went to S. R. Johannes book signing though.

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