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Make Twitter Work For Your Blog #blogathon2

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This is a mini challenge for the Biannual Blogathon Bash, a twice yearly blogging marathon but anyone is welcome to read and use the information. However if you are signed up for the blogathon or you sign up and participate before the end of the blogathon, completing this mini challenge improves your chances of winning a prize.

The blogathon is June 22-25. If you are participating in the blogathon, please do not complete this challenge until the blogathon has started. Don’t forget to follow along on Twitter: #blogathon2.

The Biannual Blogathon Bash (#blogathon2) Mini Challenge:

Make Twitter Work For Your Blog

Social media in itself can be a bit of a minefield – and then when you start throwing all the other stuff into the mix, like apps and tools, it gets a bit crazy.  But here are a couple of tools you can use to help get the most out of Twitter when promoting your blog.

  1. Tweriod – This is a great tool to help you figure out the best time to be tweeting to your Tweeps. You can sign up via Twitter and have a report generated with the optimal times for you to be using Twitter. Benefit: send that tweet out when it’s more likely to be seen.
  2. Buffer – Want to promote regularly but not be glued to your computer? Buffer can be used to ‘dripfeed’ tweets into your stream at regular intervals. Even better, you can see analytics on how many people have shared or clicked. Benefit: send updates out regularly without being tied to your PC.
  3. Twylah – A relatively new tool and still in beta, this gives you the chance to see your tweets as a magazine style page. You can also tweet using Twylah’s power tweet function to create a specific page for the tweet where related tweets and responses will show up. You can also integrate this within your blog to display your own tweets. Benefit: great way to showcase your tweets within your blog – or your blog within your tweets

So, my mini-challenge is this:

Find one Twitter tool that will help you get more out of your blog related tweets and implement it for the Biannual Blogathon Bash.  Either get your Tweriod report so you know your best tweeting time, apply for a Twylah page so you can join this great program or use Buffer (the basic version is free) to send some tweets. And if you can use any combination of the three, so much the better!

Did you know: you can run a Tweriod report and then use Buffer to dripfeed your ‘power tweets’ from Twylah? Now that’s the ultimate combo surely?


Why not leave a comment and let me know how you got on? Or share another tool you found to help Twitter work for your blog!  And why not join our Twitter? Leave the link to your Twitter profile so we can follow each other’s tweets and see the challenge in action!

Thanks for taking part!

Feel free to leave your Blogathon post link with your comments

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Donna Brown
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  1. Never heard of twylah before, interesting to know that my tweets can be viewed like a magazine. I'll consider using twylah. Thanks for describing it Donna.

  2. Thank you, Donna, for this great info – very timely for me! I ran Tweriod for the Mini-Challenge and plan on trying out Buffer after the Blogathon (that's been on my radar for awhile!) I LOVE how your Twylah account looks and may have to check that out as well after the event (don't want too many distractions or I'll never get anything done – lol!

    Have a productive weekend and check out my kick-off post if you have a chance!

    1. Thanks so much! We totally lost track of time today – we had to collect a poorly cat from the vets and the car broke down! Saturday is all about the blogging and visiting others so I'll definitely stop by.

  3. Great tips! I've always used Crowdbooster, which does the same things as Tweriod. At least from your description. I love Crowdbooster, but I'm always looking for more tools to make life easier. I'm signing up and will report back though!

    1. Very cool! I just got my Tweriod report back and it shows a bit more than Crowdbooster for times. It goes a bit more in depth, so I think I'll start using it WITH CB.

  4. Awesome tips! I've been using the free version of Buffer for a little while now, and I do love it!! I didn't know about Tweriod, so I signed up and am waiting on my report so I know the best times for me to tweet!

    I think once I get the report back I'll use Hootsuite to schedule some tweets around that time along with buffer! Thanks for the great tips.

  5. Love this! I am always looking for new ways to connect with people on twitter and how to connect twitter with my blog better than I have been doing. I am always on Facebook I almost lose track of Twitter 😛 Great Mini-Challenge idea 🙂

  6. Thanks for the cool tools! I just checked out tweriod, and am waiting for my report. Timing my tweets, as well as my blog posts has been one area I want to get more info on! Hopefully this helps me out!

  7. This is one that has been on my Donna suggested list, so I signed up finally for the Tweriod report. I am waiting still. I am afraid of Twylah, so no I am not ready to do that one yet, but it is on my list!

    TweetAdder currently is my favorite. This weekend I added a search tool to actively look for new people to follow.

    1. OK I am proud, I am trying buffer according to my Tweriod report! WOOT, I like this, I can do my content tweeting and something I have wanted to do for promotional tweeting on the blog. I turned off TweetAdder for the blogathon! Going to set up more tweets when I can tomorrow!

  8. I've signed up for Tweriod and Buffer…have been tweeting manually from my blog…this makes way more sense…great post, I've bookmarked it for future reference!

  9. I use buffer, but I also use Twuffer. Twuffer allows you to schedule posts which is very helpful when you take a day off blogging/promoting or when you have a lot of giveaways or events going on!

  10. I had been using Hootsuite to schedule tweets. Now, according to my tweriod, I am scheduled to dripfeed tweets through buffer at 3, 6 and 11 p.m., which are premium tweet times for me. I'm signed up for a Twylah account as well, through viewing yours!

  11. I love these! I already used Buffer, but I just signed up for a report from the first link, and then requested an invite from the second. They look like they'll be useful! I'm just figuring out Twitter (also JUST got a smart phone last week, so Twitter seems more 'real time' to me,now) – thanks for all of your help in getting me up to date and connected!

  12. I signed up for Tweriod and Buffer and sent a request for an invitation Twylah. This is going to be a big help with not only my personal twitter account but also the two twitter accounts I manage for work. Thanks for sharing these amazing resources.

  13. I like using Hootsuite to schedule tweets and it helps keep track of various things at once. Tweetdeck (I think that's the name) is a good one for Twitter parties 🙂 Thanks for sharing!

  14. I just signed up to get my Tweriod report! I currently use HootSuite to schedule tweets throughout the day, so now I will know when to tweet the most important ones! Thanks for the mini-challenge!

  15. I've just signed up for both Tweriod and Twylah – I'm really interested to see when my best times are as I tend to get lots of traffic from the US! =)

  16. I joined Tweriod at your advice, but I don't think it was particularly helpful in my case. I only tweet at certain times of the day such as late night (which is when it recommended tweeting) so the website didn't have any data for other times of the day and couldn't recommend a time. Oh well, I tried 😉

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