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Book Review: Interview with a Jewish Vampire – Erica Manfred

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About Interview With a Jewish Vampire
Interview with a Jewish Vampire

The last thing zaftig middle-aged journalist, Rhoda Ginsburg, expected when she signed up for JDate was to fall in love with a vampire. But when she meets drop-dead gorgeous Sheldon, a Hasidic vampire, she falls hard. She rationalizes that he may not be alive, but at least he’s Jewish. 

She learns that back in the nineteenth century Sheldon was a rabbi who was turned into a vampire by Count Dracula, an anti-Semite who got his kicks from turning Orthodox Jews into vampires because then they’d have to drink blood, which isn’t kosher.

Soon after she meets Sheldon, she discovers her beloved mother, Fanny, is terminally ill, so she comes up with the crackpot idea of getting Sheldon to turn Fanny and her friends, known as “the goils,” into vampires. Once she becomes a vampire, Fanny tires of her boring life in Century Village, Florida, and, seeking thrills, she goes clubbing and disappears into the nightlife of South Beach in Miami. When Fanny and her goil posse “go rogue” and start preying on the young, Rhoda and Sheldon must track them down to keep them from killing again. 

Interview with a Jewish Vampire turns vampire lore on its head, proving that not all vampires are young and beautiful and it IS possible to be undead and kosher. 

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Excerpt: Interview with a Jewish Vampire

“So nu?” said the vampire thoughtfully as he sat down next to me at the Mitzvah bar on Orchard St. “You must be Rhoda?” He’d picked me out of a line-up of twenty-something’s. I didn’t know whether to be flattered or insulted.

We had met through  JDate. I was a Jewish divorcee of forty-one who claimed to be thirty-five and might be considered zaftig if you defined that liberally. He had been dead for a long time but I didn’t know that right away. I just thought he was pale. An undead double for Jeff Goldblum, he was tall, slender, with a mischievous smile, flashing green eyes and long black hair. His incisors were kind of pointy when he smiled and his skin was pasty white, but that didn’t put me off. Everyone looked pretty sallow in the dead of winter in New York City. I immediately wondered if I could drag him off to my lair later that night.

Review: Interview with a Jewish Vampire

Interview with a Vampire was one heck of a good read so I really wanted Interview with a Jewish Vampire to be a nod to a great book, rather than a travesty against one.  Rhoda Ginsberg isn’t your typical vampire novel heroine – but luckily Sheldon isn’t your typical vampire! Of course, as the title tells us, he’s Jewish.  He’s also on the wagon, attending meetings to try and curb his addiction to human blood and counting every ‘sober’ day.

It really is a remarkably entertaining book, that just goes from one strange and ludicrous event to another.  Dating a vampire? Weird.  Dating a Jewish vampire? Even weirder! Trying to get your Jewish vampire boyfriend to turn your mother into a vampire? Well, what can I say to that… It should be frustratingly ridiculous and have you hurling the book into some handily placed receptacle but actually it’s so darn funny that you’re too busy enjoying it.

Sometimes, life is full of the serious and the sensible and a rare treat like this – full of smiles and silliness and laughter – is the perfect anecdote.  It’s wicked, it’s funny, it’s naughty, it’s fabulous – and I thoroughly enjoyed it!

Verdict: 4/5

(Book source: reviewer received a copy of the book in exchange for a fair and honest review)

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