Inspire Me Monday: April 9th – Instagram me!

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About Inspire Me Monday

Inspire Me Monday‘Inspire Me Monday’ is a weekly creative blog hop run by The Paper Princess at Create with Joy. Hop on over and take a look at that amazing blog!

The prompt question: What’s Inspiring You This Week? 

This week I discovered Instagram!  I’ve only had my iPhone for a couple of months so I think I can be forgiven for not finding it sooner but now I have and I love it.  You can easily change the colour tone of your pictures and find the settings that bring each individual picture to life.  Okay, so it’s no more than you could do on any graphics program but the great thing is that you can do it straight from your phone and then tweet or share it on.

Here’s a picture I took and transformed this week:


Inspired this week?  Leave me your link so I can see what by!

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Donna Brown
Avid reader/audiobook listener, fan of podcasts, prone to the odd Netflix binge. Mum to six crazy and incredible rescue cats. Occasional writer of short stories and poetry.


  1. Hi Donna,

    Love your photos this week – the first one is my fave! I have not checked out Instagram but I am seeing it everywhere and loving what I see!

    Thanks for joining us for Inspire Me Monday – hope to see you at Wordless Wednesday as well!

    Have a fabulous week! 🙂

  2. I love Instagram too! It enables me to share pictures on my three social networking sites simultaneously. Your cats are so lovely, but I like Frodo more than Bilbo lol. Thanks!

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