And they call it puppy love…

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Razz is infatuated.  Bizarre as it may seem for a cat to have a case of puppy love, he does – and it’s a serious one.

JudyAs well as our four resident moggies we have a frequent visitor in the form of Judy, a 14 year old tortoiseshell and white.  She stays with us around four nights a week in a complex arrangement which involves setting up a room with food, water and a litter tray.  Why?  Because Judy loathes other cats.

That notwithstanding Razz has managed to develop a crush.  He has never seen her – or if he has it has been the most fleeting of glimpses – and she really is old enough to be his great great great grandmother.  In human terms it would be the equivalent of a 25 year old hoping to get it on with a 102 year old.

Every time Judy leaves he rubs himself wherever she has been and every time she arrives he rushes up the stairs in the hope of a meeting.  Since, however, Judy can be decidedly nasty when presented with another cat, we are not encouraging this romance.

Even so, it’s decidedly sweet seeing this first flush of forbidden love.  Perhaps love will overcome the epic obstacles in place?  But, given that Judy spends 23 out of 24 hours asleep these days, I think we can safely assume that this relationship will never venture past the platonic.  Heathcliff and Cathy they most certainly are not.

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