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I have been unwell for the past couple of months.  Nothing serious but enough to steer me away from my blog and tweeting for a bit.  I am on the mend now and I want to kickstart the blog again with a lovely cat tale.

Donna and KainAs I said, I haven’t been too well of late and have enjoyed our cats being around for plenty of love and cuddles.  There’s nothing to cheer you up so much as a snuggle with a kitten or a purring cat on your lap.  However, the affectionate nature of our cat Razz and kittens Buggles and Charlie is something I’ve always enjoyed so it’s no great surprise that I could continue to rely on them.  What has been the biggest surprise is Kain.

Kain is a lovely cat but certainly the most independent of the four.  Though he enjoys a fuss, it’s always on his terms.  He’ll sit with you – not on you – to be petted, doesn’t particularly like being picked up and will look at you as though you’re slightly dotty if you try to play with him.  However, Kain also has a remarkably protective side which came to the fore recently.

Several times in the last few weeks, he has climbed onto my lap and snuggled against me.  On more than one occasion Mr B has come into the bedroom to find him either curled up next to me or sitting watching over me.  He was by my side much more than usual.  It was almost as if he knew I needed some extra love and support.

Now I have begun to improve, he is returning to his slightly aloof nature.  It is as though he knows his job is done and he can leave me and get on with his own life as normal.  Of course he still likes his evening strokes and a scratch behind the ears.  But a short visit at night is more likely now and I even noticed he left the bed as soon as I snuggled down to go to sleep the other day.

For those who believe that cats are too independent to really care for us, all I can say is you only have to experience the care of a cat at the time when you need it most to realise that they can love us as much as we love them.  Cats can show remarkable loyalty and a remarkable intuition for when you may need their attention most.  There is a reason that cats become friends rather than pets over time.  It’s because, like a good friend, you don’t need to have them with you all the time but they’re always there when it counts.

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