Not the Stuff That Dreams are Made of…

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For a while now I’ve been having this bizarre recurring dream.  The setting is often different and the circumstances of the dream vary but there are key factors that are present every time.

There are two snakes in the dream.  One is supposed to be a grass snake but is actually just a very tiny snake, about the length of those fake plastic ones you get in toy shops but bigger.  That one is loose in the house, which worries me but for the snake’s sake rather than my own.  I can’t see much of the house – I only ever recollect the living room (which is similar to a house from my childhood) and the bedroom (an unfamiliar ‘box room’).

The second snake is yellow and white and – from my limited snake knowledge – seems like a sort of python.  This lives in the box room in a tank.  I know it’s there and in the dream I think about the snake and clearly see it, the set up and the room but I don’t actually go in.  I can see my own imaginings.

The final element of the dream is always the same.  At some point, whether I’m in the house or somewhere else, I always remember the python and that it hasn’t been fed for weeks.  I suddenly begin to fear for it and whether or not it will be dead.  Then I realise that I actually don’t want the snake anymore and a small part of me hopes it will have died but then I feel tremendous guilt at hoping it has starved to death.  Then I feel fear about going in to feed this snake that hasn’t eaten for weeks in case it attacks me.

Sometimes elements of the dream vary, such as what I am doing when I remember about the python.  In the most recent dream, I thought about my cats and feared that they would attack the ‘grass snake’ or that they would be attacked by the python.  This is a new adaptation to the dream.  In all cases, the dream (or at least my recollections) end before I know what happens next.

The dream is very odd, not least of all because I don’t own any snakes, nor have I ever had any desire to own them.  I can’t imagine ever forgetting to feed an animal for a day let alone weeks and I think I’d feel great worry, not relief, at the thought that it had died, even if it was unwanted.  I just have no idea where the dream has come from or what it means.

It’s completely off topic for this blog but it’s such a bizarre thing I had to share.  This isn’t the first recurring dream I’ve had and I doubt it will be the last but it’s probably the strangest!

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