The Miracle Kitten

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It’s been a while since I blogged and I’m sorry the news isn’t better but, as with good news, sometimes bad news just has to be shared with the world.  We took Buggles to the vet on Saturday for his Feline Leukaemia Virus (FeLV) vaccination.  We were a little late – we hadn’t realised that the local RSPCA no longer vaccinate against this so it was only when we took Charlie in for his second jab that we were told he would also need the FeLV vaccine – and then realised Buggles would need it too.

Unfortunately, when we took Buggles in on Saturday he had a bit of a temperature and enlarged lymph nodes so the vet erred on the side of caution and didn’t give him the vaccination.  He perked up quickly on antibiotics so we took him back for his follow up today, confident that he would be given the all clear and sent home.

Sadly, it was not to be.

The vet checked him over and agreed he did look perkier but his lymph nodes were still enlarged.  She then dropped the bombshell: it was time to start testing for underlying conditions beginning with leukaemia and feline infectious peritonitis (FIP).  Obviously leukaemia sets alarm bells ringing but I knew enough to know that FIP was going to be a bad diagnosis too.  As much as our vet tried to be positive, she had to admit that this was not necessarily good news for our kitty.

We brought him home tonight as the vet was booked up but arranged to take him in first thing in the morning for emergency blood tests for a range of things and a same-day test for leukaemia.

The thing is, I could sit here and write how something like this makes you love your pet all the more but it doesn’t.  Coming home with Buggles, I knew I could never have loved him any more.  He, like all our cats, has inspired so much love in me that at times I thought I might burst.  He’s always been a fighter and despite a horrific start in life has been nothing but loving and lovable from the moment I met him.  What it has made me realise is how unique he is.  He – again, like all the cats – has a special place in the family.  He makes us the unit we are, with his funny ways and great character.

I can only hope against hope that Buggles will be okay.  I hope that the good thoughts of everyone around us will help us get Buggles through this.  I hope our vet is overcautious and actually it’s something almost entirely innocuous.  I hope that even if it is leukaemia he continues to prove himself to be the miracle cat he always has thus far in life and somehow finds a way to beat the impossible odds.  But I know that whatever happens, I cannot cannot love this bundle of joy any more.  It is simply not possible.

At times like this, though, you would give almost anything for love to be enough…

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