Misery Likes Company But Happiness is a Good Gatecrasher

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When I think back on the last couple of weeks it seems like months have passed.  So much has happened.  We tried to rehome a ‘cat-friendly’ dog who turned out to be lovely but less than fond of cats (not good when you have four).  After spending a frankly ridiculous amount of money to kit the lovely dog out with everything we thought it might need, we found ourselves tearfully returning her after an incident made it apparent it was not going to be a match made in heaven (in fact, far far from it).  It was not pleasant and, though I’ll admit I’m fiercely protective of my cats, I could well see myself heading out of the house forever after in fear of what I’d return to.  She was gorgeous but not for us.  (A lesson to owners rehoming pets: lying about whether or not they are dog/cat/child-friendly is asking for trouble and leads to upset for both the dog/cat and the prospective owner).

We’d barely settled down after this incident when a day later we took Buggles to the vet for a check up and received the news that he needed to have tests.  The vet suspected leukaemia or feline infectious peritonitis.  We were devastated and though we tried to be hopeful, we were petrified.  Thankfully the vet was able to do a rapid test for leukaemia and we received a negative result the following day.  We’ve been waiting for further blood tests and today Buggles received the all clear for each and every one.  The vet admitted that the enlarged lymph nodes had been a massive cause for concern but it seemed, after all, it was just a bug.  Well, I’m thrilled to be honest.  Better a cautious vet and a £200 bill than a vet who gives a cursory glance and sends your cat on his/her way.  Give me the thorough (if expensive!) approach every time.  He’s so so worth it!

The days have continued to leap from good news to bad: I had good work news, Mr B had bad.  Minor annoyances have occured (broken kettle, unexpected bill, boiler problems) but have always been outweighed by great events (watching my Mum finish Race for Life, getting onto my Animal Management course, having a great birthday).

Sitting here this evening, having had two pieces of really good news, I really think that we all have the ability to deal with an immense amount of difficulty and it’s all but wiped out instantly with a piece of great news.  Some of the things that have happened this week are potentially life-changing (both in a good way and a bad way).  I won’t go into detail.  But I know that tonight Mr B and I will be sitting on the couch, eating celebratory pizza and celebrating the good of the last two weeks, rather than obsessing about where the bad is going to take us.  Sometimes, even when the shit’s hitting the fan, you need to keep making your own happiness.

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