It’s a Bad Day When Your Own Cat Won’t Let You in!

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I’ve always been very proud of my cats, just as any pet owner is proud of their animals.  Like any proud parent you have a ready supply of stories to tell.  My particular favourites for Kain include his exploits of opening kitchen unit doors, getting into the dresser and jumping up on the front door handle.  In fact, the door handle escapade drives me slightly potty and he was at it today in a big way, jumping up over and over again until I let him out.

I actually posted a YouTube video on this particular act of his recently:

I had to head out to the vet this afternoon to take Charlie for another consultation (his temperature is now back to normal miraculously and although he is on antibiotics, it’s clear he is much improved).  Just as I was leaving, Kain came back from his outing so I put him inside.  A decision I would come to regret.

I mentioned recently that as well as jumping on the door handle, Kain has also been seen to reach for the latch.  I often joked that it was a good job he didn’t have the strength to pull the handle down because since he’d figured the latch out he’d be constantly in and out.  Again, a joke I would come to regret.

Imagine my confusion when I got back from the vets and put my key in the lock and… nothing…  I tried again… nothing…  And again… nothing…  My husband got home fifteen minutes later and he tried… nothing.  It rapidly became clear that for all our joking, Kain had managed to knock the latch button up, thus locking the latch and meaning the key wouldn’t work.  This discovery was further endorsed by the fact that we could hear Kain inside scrabbling at the latch (presumably not content with the mayhem already caused!).

I don’t know why we had a latch that pushes up to lock instead of pulls down, as I understand is the norm but it was a pretty new lock and, when we finally managed to bust the lock and get in, the latch was not broken.  The button had, however, been pushed up into the lock position.  Therefore, it seems we really were at the mercy of a cat that was clever enough to reach for the latch but stupid enough to push the wrong part.

We now have a new latch and, already he’s trying to figure it out but we’ll be making our door a lot more catproof from now on!

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