Good Luck Razz, Get Well Soon Charlie!

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Today is both ‘Good Luck Razz’ and ‘Get Well Charlie’ day.  Razz was taken into the vets for a scale and polish today but we were told this morning that they suspect he may need at least one extraction.  Poor kitty!  Unlike his brother Kain, Razz is not a born hunter, nor is he blessed with the shiny whites his brother has.  We’ve tried him on an all-biscuit diet but he had urinary problems, so a wet/dry mix is vital.  Unfortunately, whilst it’s good for his bladder, it’s not good for his teeth.  We’re hopeful that a scale and polish is all he needs but he may come back missing a couple of his back teeth.

Charlie has fared even less well.  He was listless and lethargic yesterday, which we originally put down to overindulgence the day before.  Kittens should sleep a lot but Charlie was so excited at meeting Buggles (our 15 week old kitten) on Sunday that he spent nearly all day playing.  Unfortunately, as the day wore on yesterday it became apparent that Charlie was not just tired but actually unwell.  We kept a very close eye on him overnight but when he worsened this morning we called the vets and took him in with Razz.  Poor Charlie was quite stiff by that point, finding movement quite uncomfortable and barely keeping his eyes open.

It didn’t take the vet long to determine what was wrong with Charlie.  His temperature was a whopping 106 degrees, so it wasn’t surprising that he wasn’t exactly leaping around.  She diagnosed a virus and gave him antibiotics and an anti-inflammatory shot.  Now we wait and hope the fever comes down.  Since he got home he’s managed a good amout of food and has even been moving around a little.  He’s having a good rest now.  Unless he worsens today, we’ll keep an eye on him overnight and it’s back to the vets for him tomorrow to see if his temperature is showing any improvement.

So Good Luck to Razz: hope a clean is all your teeth need bonny boy and Get Well Soon to Charlie: we want you back to normal and bouncing round our living room.

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