Fun poem: My Husband’s Name is Mr Brown…

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My husband’s name is Mr Brown
I married him in April
We had two cats named Razz and Kain
He found them to be a handful

Without a wedding to arrange
We found our life too quiet
We talked about another cat
“Go on,” he said, “we’ll try it”

We visited the cat shelter
And found Buggles the kitten
We didn’t need to hold him
One look and we were smitten

He settled in quite quickly
And soon became the boss
But he fought his brothers daily
And they soon became quite cross

Back to the shelter we did go
And met the lovely lady Sue
She had fostered Buggles
And knew the other kitties too

She recommended two cats
And both really were ‘the bomb’
But we loved the black and white one
The 8 week old called John

We gave him the name Charlie Brown
And hoped they’d all be friends
By Sunday he’d met Buggles
And our peace was at an end

They play all hours of the day
Unless they are asleep
When they snuggle on the sofa
In a slumber that is deep

Now with the new arrival
Kain and Razz can enjoy some rest
And I think we both appreciate
That our four moggies are the best

So we all now live together
Razz, Kain and Buggles make three
Mr and Mrs make four and five
And the final gift is Charlie

My husband’s name is Mr Brown
I love him more than ever
And I’m sure that our four furry sons
Will give him love forever

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Donna Brown
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