Fun Poem: Early Starts

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The alarm goes off too early
So I hit the snooze once more
My husband is an angel
And leaves me to snort and snore

My husband has more discipline
And there are six mouths to feed
So he makes tea, toast and sarnies
And cleans up where the cats have weed

Then it’s half a pouch for Buggles
And Charlie gets the same
For Razz it’s dental biscuits
And good old Iams for Mr Kain

I finally stagger down the stairs
And breakfast’s laid before me
The cats are all engaged with food
So I eat toast and watch the BBC

Then the cats all want a cuddle
So we make sure they get a fuss
And Mr B is soon saying goodbye
These mornings are a rush!

Without my clever husband
I’d be a bag of nerves
I hope that I may one day be
The wife and mother they deserve!

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Donna Brown
Avid reader/audiobook listener, fan of podcasts, prone to the odd Netflix binge. Mum to six crazy and incredible rescue cats. Occasional writer of short stories and poetry.

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