Friday Love for Oscar the ‘Bionic Cat’

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There are some mornings when breakfast can seem a dreary affair: glum weather, bad news on TV, realising it’s only Monday.  This morning was the complete opposite: the weather is good, it’s Friday but most of all I saw the story of Oscar the bionic cat when I checked the news and it is an utterly heartwarming one.

Oscar lost his two rear paws last year, when they were amputated by a combine harvester as he basked in the sun.  Surrey-based veterinary surgeon Noel Fitzpatrick and a team from University College London (lead by Professor Gordon Blunn) worked together to develop the new feet: weight-bearing implants, which “peg” the ankle to the foot.  It all seems a bit beyond my grasp at the moment (further reading will be done!) but the main gist: they’ve pulled off an amazing feat to provide this lovely cat with two new feet (and no pun intended!).

The operation to provide Oscar with his amazing new ‘bionic legs’ is a world first.  The BBC will be airing a documentary – “The Bionic Vet” – about Noel Fitzpatrick’s work on Wednesday 30th at 10.45 p.m. on BBC 1.  It’s an awfully late slot for such an exciting and amazing subject but hopefully plenty of people will stay up for it or watch it on catch up.

There’s a full news story and some wonderful footage on the BBC website.  It’s already had me in tears so I’m planning on having a box of tissues at hand on Wednesday night when I watch the full thing!

What an amazing cat.  What an amazing vet.  What an inspiring start to a Friday morning.

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