Back to the Vet Surgery: Our New Second Home

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Poor cats – it seems that as soon as one gets better, another starts with something (with the exception of Kain who seems to be fighting fit).  Poor Buggles’ wound became infected just days after we brought him home from the RSPCA and two weeks later we collected Charlie, only for him to come down with a fever just two days after that.  In all the years I’ve owned cats, I’ve never spent so much time at the vets as recently and today will see another visit, making it six in a matter of weeks.

Razz and Kain (both three) have always been extremely healthy.  We’ve owned them a year and, as they had their jabs just before they came to us, their recent visit to the vets was their first visit with us.  They handled it well, though 9 days later Razz was back for a routine scale and polish.  Again, he fared brilliantly.  Unfortunately, this weekend his eye has become quite sore and inflamed.  He has been prone to conjunctivitis in the past when he was in the animal shelter and he is prone to stress so it could be that the recent arrival of the kittens combined with two vet visits close to one another have proved a little much but we’re taking no chances and are taking him in to get checked out.

We’ll keep you posted.  He certainly doesn’t like car travel or visits to the vet so he’ll be pretty grumpy with us this afternoon but if he gets what he needs we can live with that.

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