Review: Catit Design Senses Play Circuit

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Catit Design Senses Play Circuit
Catit Play CircuitFun and frolics for your cat with the Catit Design Senses Play Circuit! This play circuit entertains while engaging your cats natural senses of touch, sound and sight. The peek-a-boo track design allows cats to see and swat the ball. The swirl-patterned, rolling ball included is specifically designed to attract your cats attention. Additional tracks can be added to grow the set into a complete figure of 8 allowing the Scratch Pad and Massage Centre to sit in each loop centre, creating a complete sensory activity centre for your pet! (Sold separately)

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Review: Catit Design Senses Play Circuit

Since our kitten came home we have spent a huge amount of time playing with him but there are occasions where you just need to break off and do something else, especially when there’s just one of you at home.  Our kitten – like most – has a huge desire to play and if we’re not entertaining him, he wants to play with his brothers.  They’re older and, although patient, constant playfighting gets a little much for them.

I wasn’t too sure about the Catit Design Senses Play Circuit.  Reviews seemed to suggest that some cats went head over heels for it, whilst others weren’t remotely bothered.  Given that Buggles has a hugely playful spirit, I hoped he would take to it.

RRP is £16.99, which isn’t cheap for a cat toy.  I bought mine for £9.99 and have seen it for a similar price at other online pet stores.  Even with the hefty discount, this is a product you hope will work as £10 is a lot to spend on something that will be sniffed at and then ignored.

The play circuit is made up of four parts and you can assemble it in different shapes including a long wobbly line, an ‘S’ shape and a circle.  If you buy more than one circuit you can combine them together to create more elaborate circuits.  The ‘S’ design fits nicely around other Catit Design Senses items, such as the Scratch Pad (which you can see in the picture below) and the Massage Centre (not pictured).  Again, both of these retail at £16.99 but can be bought for £10, making it £30 for a full play centre.

I initially expected the play circuit to have batteries or something similar.  In actual fact it is simply a track with a ball that rolls on the inside.  There are holes to allow the cat to try and reach for the ball (inadvertently sending it on its way again if it has stopped) but the cat should not be able to remove the ball themselves.  If the ball is travelling at a reasonable pace it will keep moving back and forth along the track several times before it finally comes to rest.

When I first set this up Buggles seemed a little unsure and did the customary cat sniffing.  However, once I put the ball in he was hooked.  His play continued for some time and I watched him try various things, such as trying to block the track with his paw before the ball reached him, trying to grab the ball mid roll and – though I had to intervene at this point – trying to eat the track cover.  Although he played for about an hour when first introduced to it, he then moved on to shorter spurts of play, switching from one toy to another but every few minutes returning to the track for five minutes or so for another play.  It’s also enough to get him succumb to a much needed nap – finally a toy worthy of his energy levels!

There are two big bonuses for me with this toy: 1) It gives the adult cats a little rest from his constant playful fighting and exuberant jumping around, which is very important – it’s their home too and we want them to feel settled.  2) The Scratch Pad was not hugely interesting to Buggles, compared to the excitement of the Play Circuit.  However, it was of interest to the older cat Razz.  Therefore, it was brilliant to see them play together, Buggles chasing the ball, whilst Razz tried to extract the catnip from the Scratch Pad.

I have to stress that this is clearly not for everyone.  There are so many mixed reviews that it obviously depends – like most cat toys – on the animal itself.  For my kitten, it’s already a winner and though it’s a new addition to the household, I already feel I’ve got £10 of value out of it. My kitten is happy, it’s helped exercise him and it’s bonded him with his brother further.  And, of course, I get a little more time to sit down with a cuppa and watch him play, rather than leaping up every 3 minutes to play referee!

Verdict: 4/5

(Toy source: reviewer’s own purchase)

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