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Lucy Porter
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We had a night out last night, going to see Lucy Porter at the Lawrence Batley Theatre in Huddersfield.  I don’t get to see much stand-up but I like Lucy Porter and was really pleased that such a class act was coming to Huddersfield: it’s frustrating when Leeds and Manchester seem the only ‘local’ places to be showcasing more well-known talent.  We purchased two tickets for her Fool’s Gold show (at a very respectable £14 each) and after a nice pub meal and a couple of pre-show drinks we were raring to enjoy a bit of comedy.

Lucy came on first for a little introduction before the warm up act came on.  Sadly, my memory is not fantastic but I think his name was Richard F Taylor.  I may be wrong.  Please don’t hold me to it!  I might not recall his name but I do know he was extremely funny.  Armed with some strange ‘over-sexed panda’ slides and other visual stimuli, he had a great presence on the stage and certainly got (most) of the audience nicely jovial, ready for the main act.

As Dave pointed out today, Lucy Porter looks like a lovely wholesome girl-next-door, like butter wouldn’t melt.  When she opens her mouth, however, there’s a nice helping of sauce to dispel the illusion, somehow making her all the funnier.  Covering all manner of topics with a loose central theme of – of course – gold, she jumped from P Diddy to Dubai to pregnancy to an Anglophobic dog and all the while linking it all neatly together so it ran perfectly smoothly.

The act was excellent and made all the better by the great venue.  I believe the production was originally supposed to be on the main stage but was moved to the cellar stage, which was a brilliant move.  The smaller room made for a much more relaxed and involving atmosphere (though it was a little scary being just two rows back from the stage) and having a bar in the room was a great addition.  It appears stand-up is so much the better when you can enjoy beer at the same time.

All in all, a brilliant night with two brilliant comedy acts, a great venue and a superb atmosphere.

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