Introducing Buggles

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As Buggles continues to keep me away from pretty much everything that doesn’t involve playing with him or having him sleep on my lap, it’s a bit tricky to do much other than read.  I did manage to wrestle myself free for a few minutes in order to make the above video.

I’m sure life will return to some semblance of normality shortly and I can pick up the blog and keep track of the news properly again but until then, I’m taking great delight in the little whirlwind of fun who has joined us.

  • Name: Buggles
  • Age: 13 weeks
  • Favourite game: Peekaboo
  • Favourite sleeping place: Anywhere but the lovely bed we bought!
  • Favourite food: Felix Kitten

See you soon, if I don’t fall further under Buggles’ spell!

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