I Did a Bad Thing…

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I did a bad thing yesterday.  In terms of bad things, there are worse things I could have done.  I didn’t flash the postman, rob a bank or stalk my neighbour.  I did, however, look at the RSCPA website.  And trust me, in our household, that’s definitely a bad thing.  Giving me access to that site is a little like giving Hannibal Lecter a bottle of chianti and some fava beans and telling him not to do anything naughty.

I’ve had a nagging niggle since we brought our lovely kitten Buggles home that it should have been Buggles plus one.  Don’t get me wrong, he’s absolutely wonderful and is settling in so well.  So well, in fact, that I can’t help but ask if we couldn’t have done this for two cats, rather than leaving one sitting dolefully in the rescue shelter waiting for an owner.  So, seeing that one of the cats we’d considered (same age as Buggles too) is still in need of a home was pretty much my undoing.  I’ve had a horrible lump in my throat since that I haven’t been able to shift.

Of course, I know all the practical considerations.  Another cat is more work, more time, more money.  It’s also more love, more joy, more reward.  But, nonetheless, I made all the right noises to my husband, said I thought we’d done the right thing, said I was sure there would be a better home for him, joked that he wouldn’t want to join our mad menagerie anyway.  I almost believed it.

I just wish the damn lump in my throat would go.

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