Hooray for the RSPCA

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When my husband and I wanted to adopt two cats last June we contacted our local RSPCA (RSPCA Halifax & Huddersfield) and received brilliantly helpful advice.  They also helped us choose two amazing cats who have been the perfect fit for us.  Now they’re settled we’ve begun thinking about a third addition to our lovely family and, once again, got in touch with them about it.  We deliberated over a dog or cat and which animal would be best.  Despite their time constraints, staff have answered emails quickly and been wonderfully friendly and accommodating in answering our questions.  Result: we’ll shortly be visiting a beautiful boy who we hope will find a home with us.

They are a truly amazing organisation doing truly amazing work under difficult circumstances.  Here are a few incredible facts (and you can click here for more):

  • Every 25 seconds someone in England and Wales dials the RSPCA’s 24-hour cruelty line for help
  • During 2008 the RSPCA: rescued 143,501 animals, rehomed 70,017 animals, investigated 140,575 cruelty complaints and treated and helped 214,657 animals in their hospitals and clinics.
  • The RSPCA did all of the above with just 330 RSPCA inspectors, 80 animal welfare officers and 115 animal collection officers

Like many animal welfare organisations the RSPCA is a registered charity that receives no lottery funding and relies entirely on private donations.  The annual running costs were around £124 million in 2008.  That’s a lot of money to try to drum up through donations and legacies.

I always feel frustrated by the difficulties any charity faces.  It’s easy to think “Why should I donate to that? I already pay taxes”.  But more than ever we’re realising that the purse strings are pulled tighter and tighter.  In difficult times, when people lose their jobs or their homes, the RSPCA and other organisations see more animals coming through their doors.  Yet, fewer people can afford to donate and those that can may find that they can’t give as much.

So, I say hooray for the RSPCA and the brilliant work they do, especially in these difficult times.  Thanks to them we’ve had two wonderful additions to our family and now hope to have a third.  We absolutely cannot underestimate the value of this terrific charity.

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