GE2010: There’s Time Enough to Follow Your Heart

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Just a matter of hours to go now before the polling stations open and the votes pour in.  Many of the polls suggest people are leaning towards the Conservative party but there are lots of other sources out there painting a different picture.

They may be labelled as ‘unscientific’ but a quick look at some of these suggests things may not be as cut and dried as they seem:

  • Facebook – Almost half a million Facebook users voted in a quick one question poll.  The question: who do you want to be Prime Minister?  The answers: Nick Clegg (42%), David Cameron (31%), Gordon Brown (27%).  http://www.facebook.com/photo.php?pid=4028251&id=370142048888.
  • The YouTube/Facebook Digital Debate saw an overwhelming lean towards Nick Clegg after almost 400,000 channel views.  http://www.youtube.com/user/ukelection.
  • In the meantime, TwitVoteUK shows an increasingly yellow carpet across the UK (though admittedly in some constituencies a very low number of people have registered their votes). http://twitvoteuk.org.uk/.

Whilst I don’t in any way dispute the arguments that these polls and surveys are not wholly scientific, I do think that I am inclined to believe them more than the ‘official’ polls, particularly when you hear stories of them polling voters before one of the party leaders had even finished their Leaders Debate closing speech!

So, I’m afraid I’m tempted to ignore the polls and listen to the people around me.  There’s real passion about this election.  People are calling it exciting, groundbreaking, important.  And when I say people, I don’t mean the leaders, campaigners and party members: I mean voters, the people who really matter.

On the eve of the election, Twitter is full of such people, many of whom have sent a postal vote or know who they’ll be voting for tomorrow and many of whom are still unsure.  There’s still time: not much but enough.  Listen to your heart, not the polls, not the ‘tactical vote’ advocates.  Vote for whoever and whatever you believe in.  I’m proud to say I’ve voted Lib Dem but I’m not here to ask you to vote for them (though it would be great if you would!).  I’m just asking you to please use your vote and remember that it’s true what they say: the only poll that counts is tomorrow’s.

May 6th: your chance to do something outstanding for your country.

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