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There’s going to be a lot of nervous people in the UK today. I know because, as a public sector worker, I’m one of them. I’m on a fixed term contract and I know there’s a very real chance that it won’t be renewed in January and, not only that, I may be unable to get replacement work within the organisation.  Uncertain times.

However I do accept – I must accept – that cuts are necessary. The very term ‘cuts’ sends fear into our hearts: will it be harder to get a GP appointment, will we have to wait longer for surgery, will children be in classes of 50?  Perhaps.  But in the same way that at times of financial crisis at home you buy less, spend more carefully, make your money go further, this government has to start doing the same.  It might mean harder, leaner, less pleasant times for a few years but I cannot see a better alternative.

The main positive that we can take from this is that perhaps there will be changes for the better.  More efficiency, better value-for-money, services that are good in reality as well as on paper – all these things would be welcomed. Of course I’m not going to stand up in favour of public sector job cuts: despite what some people think, I work damn hard in the public sector, as does my husband and I left a private sector job with more money because I wanted a change and to do something more rewarding.  Even in these uncertain times, I stand by my decision: I like helping people and feeling I make a difference, however small. In the same way, I strongly hope waiting lists don’t increase and that class sizes do stay small.  But if wishes were horses… (or £s for the deficit…).

So, we’re all waiting and some would say they have more to lose than others but I think we know it will affect us all.  Whatever the proclamations, we know this has to happen and all we can do is hope it is done in the best possible way. One thing’s for certain: the biggest cut of all should be the waffle.  Let’s keep being honest about the state we’re in and that the only way forward will be a tough one.

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