Cameron Admiration? Never Thought I’d Feel It

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David Cameron
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I can see I’m going to find the next few years a bit of a learning curve and that I may have to revise some of my viewpoints.  While I was thrilled with the details of the Lib Dem/Conservative coalition as they emerged, I’ve still had some concerns about David Cameron and the Conservatives.  Watching Cameron greet Nick Clegg yesterday at the door of No 10, I grudgingly had to admit it was a very good and respectful thing to do.  This feeling of ‘Cameron admiration’ did not sit well with me.

However, more was to come.  Even I had to admit that his speech at the press conference was extremely well thought out, very positive and respectful and also quite flattering to Nick Clegg and the Liberal Democrats.  It was the joke, however, that really stopped me in my tracks.  He held his hands up and admitted that when asked what his favourite joke was he had, indeed, replied “Nick Clegg”.  No bluff, no bluster, just openness.  The words that followed struck a chord as he effectively said to the media – and the UK – we’re putting this behind us, will you do the same?

So, I will do the same.  I was entering in this thinking ‘Well, we have to put up the Conservatives to get these measures for the Liberal Democrats’ and I admit it.  No more.  If they can try, in the spirit of moving forward, to put old rivalries aside, I will try to put old prejudices aside.  The government is in power now, it’s an exciting time and I’m determined not to pre-judge.

We can’t forget the things that have gone before but if we can try and focus on what is happening now, we may be surprised with the outcome.  The old adage “Two heads are better than one” could well ring true here.  I’m determined to give it a try.

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