Adjusting to 2.4 Children. Well, Cats…

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It’s certainly been an interesting week since we brought 13 week old Buggles home last Saturday.  He settled in well, adapting quickly to life in the kitten room.  On Thursday I noticed that Buggles’ eye was weeping and bleeding so I called our local vet.  Despite Buggles not yet being registered, only just having joined us from the RSPCA, they were superb, very reassuring and agreed to see him that afternoon.  It turned out poor Buggles had an eye infection and is now on antibiotics.  He’s sleeping a lot but he’s still feisty, playful and pouncing on his two older brothers at every opportunity.

The funny thing is, despite how focussed we have been on Buggles, particularly since his vet visit, we have also developed an even stronger love for our original two gorgeous cats, Razz and Kain.  It can’t be easy having a new cat on the premises, especially when it’s one who wants to play or fight or both every few seconds!  However, they’ve both taken it in their stride and Razz in particular has taken the little ‘un very much under his wing.  Cue lots of cuddles from both of us.

It’s a little difficult to maintain discipline in the Brown household.  The kitten is so cute you’d be forgiven for letting him get away with murder and boy is he naughty (as my husband found out when he lost half his fish from his dinner plate after Buggles embarked on a determined stealth mission to pinch it).  There’s also a temptation to let Razz and Kain get away with a bit of mischief too (such as jumping on the bed when we’re almost asleep or trying to steal food) but we’re staying strong.  They are all lovely but they are still not (quite) the heads of this household.

At least that’s what we keep trying to tell ourselves.  We don’t believe it for an instant.

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