The Passion of Politics

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This morning I spent an interesting hour embroiled in bribery, corruption, blackmail and slander.  It wasn’t as part of the election campaign but instead whilst playing Europa 1400: The Guild (having replaced my broken hard copy with a digital download – thanks Gamersgate).  It made me think though – after all, when I said those four words – bribery, corruption, blackmail, slander – didn’t you automatically think of politics?

I’ve been as guilty as others of assuming that there are no nice men or women in politics these days, that it’s all about corruption and that nobody really cares about the country.  I’m fairly ashamed of myself for those views now.  We might not always agree with our politicians or the parties they support but I believe there are many good people out there who want to do right by their neighbourhood, by their constituency and by their country.

What’s brought about this sudden turnabout in my view?  I’ve seen the passion with which people support the issues they believe in and – whether I agree with them or not – I admire them for it.  I admire my local candidates who care vehemently about the community.  I admire the councillors on Twitter who are happy to be in the public profile or who run their own blogs and help us understand politics on a day-to-day basis, I admire the voters who are showing such involvement and interest in this election campaign.

Politics may be many things, both bad and good but mostly it’s important and there are good people out there trying to make sure everyone has a voice.  Please use your voice on 6th May.

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