Magic by Moonlight

Magic by Moonlight By Linda Chapman, When Lucy s new neighbour Allegra reveals she is a stardust spirit, Lucy discovers a whole world of magic beyond her imagination As well as being able to fly,each stardust spirit has their own set of very specialpowers, bringing not only excitement, but responsibility too.. Magic by Moonlight When Lucy s new neighbour Allegra reveals she is a stardust spirit Lucy discovers a whole world of magic beyond her imagination As well as being able to fly each stardust spirit has their own set of

  • Title: Magic by Moonlight
  • Author: Linda Chapman
  • ISBN: 9780141317793
  • Page: 430
  • Format: Paperback
  • 1 thought on “Magic by Moonlight”

    1. I feel a bit weird rating this It s one of my favourite childhood books, I read it when I was about 8 years old and was absolutely in love with it It s a very charming and magical little story, and I did enjoy revisiting it Doesn t really hold up any, but I wasn t expecting it too.I can remember looking up at the night sky, wishing I could fly up into the stars

    2. I used to love these books, and after finding them in the attic decided to re read them due to nostalgia You wanna know a secret I used to think the storyline was true cringe Of course these books are aimed at young kids but I still enjoyed the story I found this first one in the series a bit boring though was generally an introduction.I can assure you that many girls aged between maybe 7 10 would like these books I certainly did back then I read this very quickly because of the very simple and [...]

    3. I USE TO LOVE THIS BOOKS I read them a few years ago and I was crazy about them I thing I started to like reading because of them.

    4. I first read this book when I was 10 I know that it s a bit late to start reading them, and it took me half a day to finish, but two years later I m still in love with these books as much as I was when I first read them I m reading much older books now, but these books will always have special place in my heart.

    5. I read this when I was younger, I know it s a girly book but the cover looked interesting so I decided to read it, to my surprise it was actually good I may even try go read the other Linda Chapman books.

    6. I read this book in less than 24 hours I rate it five stars because it s just amazing I it s all about a nine year old girl called Lucy and she is a stardust spirit.

    7. Omg I just remembered what I loved so much about these books This first book was as amazing as I remember it being and I m so glad i found this series again.Loved this series as a kid, definitely my favourite childhood book.Hope I can pass this series onto my children one day.

    8. I feel like these books could have been combined like books 1 4 should have been one books, or maybe two, because it always felt like they stopped in the middle of a chapter rather than the middle of a book Apart from that, though, I really enjoyed re immersing myself in the Stardust world.

    9. It just 3 stars not because I don t like the story but it may fit younger person than me although I like the main story line and the whole idea of the storymay be I ll get next one and read it

    10. I loved this books so much, when I was younger.I remember reading this book inone daywhich was nearly unbelievable back then.

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