The Demon's Lexicon

The Demon's Lexicon By Sarah Rees Brennan Rini Nurul Badariah, Cerdas, gelap, dan menggugah Kau akan sulit berpaling dari setiap halaman halamannya Cassandra Clare, Penulis City of Bones Bagaikan dentuman kembang api yang melesat di angkasa, novel perdana Brennan sarat prestasi gemilang dan kejutan Scott Westerfeld, Penulis Uglies Sarah Rees Brennan menenun kisah meliuk liuk yang semarak oleh kejutan Holly Black, Penulis Cerdas, gelap, dan menggugah Kau akan sulit berpaling dari setiap halaman halamannya Cassandra Clare, Penulis City of Bones Bagaikan dentuman kembang api yang melesat di angkasa, novel perdana Brennan sarat prestasi gemilang dan kejutan Scott Westerfeld, Penulis Uglies Sarah Rees Brennan menenun kisah meliuk liuk yang semarak oleh kejutan Holly Black, Penulis Ironside dan Spiderwick Chronicles. The Demon s Lexicon Cerdas gelap dan menggugah Kau akan sulit berpaling dari setiap halaman halamannya Cassandra Clare Penulis City of Bones Bagaikan dentuman kembang api yang melesat di angkasa novel perdana Brennan

  • Title: The Demon's Lexicon
  • Author: Sarah Rees Brennan Rini Nurul Badariah
  • ISBN: 9786028801096
  • Page: 200
  • Format: Paperback
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    1. Have you ever been doing something and had a sudden realization that you might just be evil And not the wimpy, I want to be sexy and kind of emo looking evil Like thisI mean REAL evil like this Or this image error No No Oh the humanity Well, The Demon s Lexicon made me feel like I possibly had no soul.Which was suprisingly refeshing.Now there s some discussion in the thread below regarding this author s crossover from Fanfiction to publishing Despite appearances, I don t actually have a problem [...]

    2. I like this book, but I think I m prejudiced I mostly added it to my books so I could look at it and smile in its direction edited because on reflection I cannot be unbiased.

    3. 2.5 stars The first chapter in Demon s Lexicon is extremely misleading The riveting opening scene starts off with two boys bantering in a kitchen until they re suddenly interrupted by an attack Someone has sent a magical flock of ravens to destroy their home, and Nick and his brother Alan manage to ward them off in an exciting, action packed scene During the aftermath, Mae and Jamie, two kids from school that the boys know slightly, show up asking for help with their own terrible problem Jamie h [...]

    4. I m not sure I liked Brennan s world of magicians so obsessed with power they barter the lives of innocent victims with demons in exchange for magical powers Demons as is the biblical sense of rabid creatures who will do anything to enter our world but are so out of control they quickly destroy the bodies they possess And it isn t regular people turning to satanic ritual but people born this way, as evil magicians willing to sacrifice human life Plus once a person has been marked by a demon for [...]

    5. Wow This book really snuck up on me I wasn t sure at first, because the writing seemed as though a lot had been cut out initially I didn t think I was getting the whole picture I honestly think that this book was not written for the YA market, but it ended up as one because of the younger aged characters I felt as though the author might have been asked to edit some parts out to make it suitable for younger readers, and I felt that initially As CS Lewis has expressed, I think that a good childr [...]

    6. I did not set out to love this book the bar was too high The word Demon itself, to me, is owned by Jonathan Stroud and Cassandra Clare Even the main character, Nick, was about as grouchy about starring in the story as I was reading it I had half a mind to suggest to him that we both go our separate ways except for the inclination that he would probably have said it to me first And then we found each other, Nick and I, and though we were both cross, there was the matter of good natured Alan to ke [...]

    7. Oh this book I wanted to like it a lot than I did First, the writing was so godawfully bad in parts it made the whole thing a struggle to get through The main characters were fine, but all other secondary and tertiary characters were so badly drawn as to be characitures of themselves, place holders for the final product the author clearly meant them to be The surprise ending was indeed that, a surprise, but even managing to fool me with her plot twist doesn t make the book itself any better I m [...]

    8. Alert This is a read till 3AM book There s the love of brothers and dysfunctional families, crazy fights with swords and knives and guns, and hilarious dialogue that pops up and surprises you.

    9. This book probably isn t going to end up on my all time favourites shelf, but I did enjoy reading it a lot and am definitely interested in the sequels It isn t the strongest in terms of world building, but it definitely is full of suspense, surprising twists and engaging characters Every one of them actually had a certain something that made him or her stand out And boy, what an ending Never ever did I expect something like that It totally took me by surprise And that happens rarely Actually, fo [...]

    10. I am plodding through this book because I spent money on it The scenario facing the main characters is at first very, very similar to some others I know and love namely Sam and Dean Winchester from Supernatural , only this book is set in England and there are occasionally swords.I figured, hey, cool, let s see how she does with making her book stand apart.First, let me say that there are some interesting aspects to the book The dialogue is primarily good and I enjoy the interactions between the [...]

    11. Although I spent most of the time cursing the male lead Nick for being a fxxking jerkass while I read this book, still the awesome ending is enough to make up for it Plus the older brother Alan, he really rocks But still, PLOT SPOILER WARNING view spoiler I can t believe in the middle of the book, the author had dropped SO MANY hints to point out Nick is a demon or at least a demon who possesses a human body hide spoiler END OF SPOILER I can see it coming from miles away.

    12. I usually don t trust books with pouty lipped guys on the cover No offense guy on the cover For any other reason I m sure you d seem attractive, but right now you re on a cover and I don t trust you My theory has yet to be debunked It was really hard to finish reading this I debated just stopping, but I had some guilty conscious issues Luckily I did eventually get to the end, which was definitely the best part of the book Quick Overview Nick and his brother Alan with their half crazy mother have [...]

    13. The Demon s Lexicon tells the story of 16 year old half orphan Nick who is on the run from a circle of evil magicians He lives with his older brother Alan, who practically had to raise him all by himself due to the fact that 1 their father has been killed by said evil magicians and 2 their mother s deep dislike of Nick She resents him and makes it perfectly clear that she has absolutely no love for him She doesn t want to see him or talk to him and so she hides out in her room basically 24 7 A n [...]

    14. I waited for this book to come out for at least a year, and when I finally got it tonight I started reading it and didn t stop until it was done It is insanely enthralling This is the first paragraph The pipe under the sink was leaking again It wouldn t have been so bad, except that Nick kept his favorite sword under the sink This is our introduction to Nick Ryves, a sixteen year old who has been on the run from magicians his entire life He and his older brother Alan with a crippled leg and a ha [...]

    15. 2.5 starsI was a tad disappointed in this book I looked at my status updates and I had seriously wanted to put the book in the time out corner for a while Luckily for the book hard cover copy , my ereader decided to malfunction, so I was stuck finishing The Demon s Lexicon instead.The Demon s Lexicon is the story of two brothers who are constantly moving to get away from the magicians who seem to want something from the brothers or their mother Herein lies my problem with this book I was never q [...]

    16. Nick Ryves and his crippled older brother, Alan, have been running from magicians their whole lives Magicians are humans who can control limited amounts power They get this power from sacrificing innocent people as hosts for demons, who have unimaginable abilities Alan and Nick s mother used to be an evil magician, and she still owns charm which others would kill to possess When a brother and sister, Jamie and Mare, come to the Ryves brothers for help, Alan is dead set on taking them in, despite [...]

    17. Dear Diary, So today I found out my brother is THIS close to becoming a demon s meat puppet so I tracked down these brothers who I hope will help One keeps a sword under the sink and the other could shoot a bullseye through the O of an alphabetti spaghetti I think I want to see them naked Mae not actual dialogue Sarah Rees Brennan is an author that really knows her way around her characters The best parts of this book series are in the dialogue scenes The banter is what makes this series Sure, t [...]

    18. I didn t expect to love this book I thought it would be just okay and perhaps not my type of thing I thought the cover was a bit silly Instead I found myself dropping everything else in order to finish it.The narrator protagonist is Nick He s not a terribly likeable person His only interest in life if sword practice He kills people evil people who are trying to kill him but still He tortures enemies when necessary He has very little regard for human life and empathy for no one except his older b [...]

    19. I lived in utter terror that this wouldn t be as awesome as I wanted it to be, because I am paranoid that way But it is awesome and it s deep and it s dark and it s moving and it s funny though not quite as funny as I expected, but it makes up for that by being way intriguing than the first few chapters might imply.So, what s it about I can t tell you, I am sworn to secrecy Well not really, only about info that hasn t been released yet Cause the book doesn t come out till the 1st of June oh my [...]

    20. Young adult urban fantasy with teenaged brothers running from evil magicians and demons.All right, this impressed me I classified it in the first chapter as YA urban fantasy with demons species generic, but then the protagonist just kept happening He s fifteen and a sociopath, not to put too fine a point on it, who would see the whole world burn without a qualm as long as his brother is safe The close POV on him in all his disfunction, and the emotional nuances he does and doesn t get, is mostly [...]

    21. So, I originally only had a brief, badly written review for this book, because I read it right as I came to GoodReads, and I was still adjusting to everything That was fine at first, but I m so far in the minority, and I m having so much trouble understanding the positive reviews that I think I m going to have to write that one star review, just to get my thoughts together.I think my biggest problem with the book was the focus on the plot twist There s nothing wrong with a big surprise it s idea [...]

    22. I might as well come out and say it up front I m not going to be the least objective about this book or this author You see, Sarah Rees Brennan AKA Maya is the one who got me hooked on HP fanfiction, slash and particularly H D I ve enjoyed everything she has ever put up on her lj which I ve been reading for years now She s a gifted storyteller who does brilliantly amazing things as far as characterization is concerned That ll do for context.Her debut novel is marketed as YA and I m not sure why [...]

    23. Sarah Rees Brennan I love you.When friends of mine raved about your book, I didn t really pay that much attention I was hip deep in revisions at the time, and had sworn off new books being a naturally lazy procrastinator, if I m faced with a choice between curling up with a book or getting some hard work done, the curling and reading wins every time Once those revisions were finished, I have to admit that I forgot about the recommendations I d heard heaped on THE DEMON S LEXICON I am sorry I am [...]

    24. So this book was not what I expected I expected to like it I expected to grabbed by the plot, the characters, the villains I expected to read it in less than 2 days and then be running to the library for book 2 Instead it was just meh.The only character I like was Nick I loved that he was apologetically cold and basically emotionless He didn t care for others and didn t understand why he should I loved that we finally got a character who didn t feel the need to change this about themselves, an [...]

    25. That s a hard earned three stars, there That is to say, the book came back from a deficit There were several times when I was pretty sure this was going to be a DNF for me I figured out the twist about halfway through By the end, though, the brothers relationship won me over I m a sucker for siblings, I guess.I ll be interested to see whether I like the second book better, now that the big secret is out in the open And I wonder but of course, we ll never know whether this book wouldn t have been [...]

    26. Am I the only one who thinks that all the hype about Sarah Rees Brennan as a real novelist is just that hype Brennan got famous because she is VERY GOOD at parodying things that other writers actually created Which is awesome and totally entertaining But where Cassandra Clare proved that her fan fiction was hinting at immense skill, BrennanDemon s Lexicon was just boring Her characters are flat Her stories are predictable Andhonestly, I just found myself wishing that I enjoyed her writing as muc [...]

    27. Well It took me forever to finish this book but I liked it a lot But I never had this much trouble to keep reading something that s interesting.Nick is all kinds of awesome, his brother Alan is a little bit too emo for my taste, but I guess it s normal how protective he feels of Nick.I can t wait to see what happens between Nick and Mae It s too damn hot today to come up with a decent review, so this will have to do.

    28. Initial reaction Review to come when I can find words to describe how much this book swallowed me into the journey, characters and respective conflict I really enjoyed this and it rather surprised me.Full review And I m yet again impressed reading another book from Sarah Rees Brennan I figured since I enjoyed Unspoken so much and since it will be some time before the sequel releases, I d check into her Demon s Lexicon series Reactions of this book were mixed on my friends list on , so I ll admit [...]

    29. Spoiler Alert Okay, first of all, I just wanted to make it clear that I LOVED this book The writing was incredible, especially for a first novel, and the characters were so real and convincing I can t begin to comprehend how she wrote Alan so well I mean, and nobody shoot me sometimes I love this guy, but for some reason I also really really hate him at times I know, right I m impressed with Brennan s ability to make me feel so strongly about her characters This book held so many surprises and I [...]

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