Im Haus des Zauberers

Im Haus des Zauberers By Mary Hooper, Die junge Lucy tr umt davon, ihr Heimatdorf zu verlassen und eine Anstellung als Dienstm dchen zu finden Am liebsten in einem reichen Haus, das so nah wie m glich bei der von ihr angebeteten K nigin Elisabeth ist Per Zufall ger t sie in das Haus des Dr Dee, seines Zeichens Zauberer und pers nlicher magischer Berater der K nigin Fasziniert beobachtet Lucy die geheimnisvDie junge Lucy tr umt davon, ihr Heimatdorf zu verlassen und eine Anstellung als Dienstm dchen zu finden Am liebsten in einem reichen Haus, das so nah wie m glich bei der von ihr angebeteten K nigin Elisabeth ist Per Zufall ger t sie in das Haus des Dr Dee, seines Zeichens Zauberer und pers nlicher magischer Berater der K nigin Fasziniert beobachtet Lucy die geheimnisvollen Experimente und Zeremonien, die Dr Dee mit seinem Kollegen Mr Kelly durchf hrt Bis sie einem schrecklichen Geheimnis auf die Spur kommt, das die K nigin in h chste Gefahr bringt.. Im Haus des Zauberers Die junge Lucy tr umt davon ihr Heimatdorf zu verlassen und eine Anstellung als Dienstm dchen zu finden Am liebsten in einem reichen Haus das so nah wie m glich bei der von ihr angebeteten K nigin E

  • Title: Im Haus des Zauberers
  • Author: Mary Hooper
  • ISBN: 9783827053183
  • Page: 214
  • Format: Hardcover
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    1. Lucy sets out for London with a plan Sort of OK, she actually sets out with a basket, an extra set of clothes, and a vague idea that London can t be worse than living with her drunken, abusive father.Then she winds up in the mud attempting to rescue a couple unruly children and their monkey.An incident which results in the ruination of her clothing The filching of her basket And the obtainment of a child care position.For the magician to the Queen Not a bad result At least that is what Lucy thin [...]

    2. Lucy escapes her poor village and drunk abusive father in search of work and money to provide her mother with a better way of life This story follows her in seeking employment and then the adventures and events that surround her when her luck turns, and she finds herself employed by the somewhat mysterious Dr Dee.At the House of the Magician is an historical fiction with some supernatural aspects revolving around Lucy, the protagonist of the novel I think that most of the historical aspects seem [...]

    3. This novel is about Lucy, who runs away from home and her drunk, abusive father In the process, she rescues two children from drowning, takes them home and manages to secure a position as a nanny in their house Turns out, they are the children of Dr John Dee, who is Queen Elizabeth I s magician That s the short version anyway.Lucy is a likeable cahracter, even though there are times when I wanted to shake her, or point out some of the sillier things she did Most of it stems from a certain amount [...]

    4. The novels starts with our main protagonist Lucy running away from her native village and her abusive,alcoholic father Her destination is London, where she hopes to get some work.But she doesn t get very far On her way, she saves two young girls Beth and Meryl from the river which earns her a job in the house of the girls parents.And that s only the beginning of Lucy s adventure because the employer turns out to be Dr John Dee, the Queen s personal magician.At the House of the Magician is set in [...]

    5. It s a FOUR STAR book, I m so happy about having discovered Mary Hooper This book is a delight to read and I can hardly wait to get hold of the follow upBY ROYAL COMMAND Further adventures of plucky Lucy, the servant girl of Dr Lee, Queen Elizabeth s magician.Right kind of books for 10 year old girlsTo come is THE REMARKABLE LIFE AND TIMES OF ELIZA ROSE, Court of Charles IIMary Hooper bases her stories on historical facts.Visit maryhooper

    6. Interesting YA or Middle School read about a girl no age given who takes up place as a nurse in the household of John Dee, adviser and magician for Queen Elizabeth I Simply written with an intriguing plot and a touch of the paranormal Well written historically I enjoyed it and I m looking forward to reading the next two books in the series

    7. This was actually better than I expected The characters were solid and the plot was interesting I didn t have high hopes but it actually surprised me for the better It s for a younger audience than me, and I would have enjoyed it a lot if I had read it when I was twelve, but it was still enjoyable.

    8. This first book in The House of the Magician trilogy was a quick but very enjoyable read A mix of historical and supernatural elements, the story is told through the eyes of servant girl Lucy who gives the reader a taste of Elizabethan life, from the courtly fashions and customs to simple mundane chores of the serving class The book begins when Lucy is forced to flee her home, needing to escape the clutches of her violent, alcoholic father Now homeless and without a job, she decides to make her [...]

    9. A young girl leaves a home with an abusive father and becomes a maid in a magician s househols But when a dead girl her age starts talking to her in her dreams, she must put her life in danger to try to save the most powerful figure in the world Gloriana, aka Queen Elizabeth I This book took me forever to get into It was quite boring, building up scenes and characters, and finally gained some action towards the end I will have to see if the other 2 books are better If you like the Elizabethan er [...]

    10. Lucy fl chtet vor ihrem gewaltt tigen Vater Sie nimmt im Haus des Magiers der K nigin John Dee eine Stellung als Kindermagd an Lucy ist voller Liebe und Verehrung f r ihre K nigin und ahnt nicht, dass sie Elizabeth bald einen Dienst erweisen darf.Das historische Jugendbuch ist der Auftakt zu einer Trilogie um Lucy, die zur Zeit Elizabeth I eine Anstellung im Haushalt eines Magiers findet Ihr Vater ist Alkoholiker und wird gewaltt tig, wann immer er betrunken ist Ein Vorfall auf dem Markt zwingt [...]

    11. England im 16 Jahrhundert Die junge Lucy w chst unter rmlichen Bedingungen zu Hause auf mit einem Vater, der auch vor Gewalt nicht Halt macht Sie flieht daher und findet Anstellung als Kinderm dchen bei Dr Dee, einem Zauberer und zugleich magischen Berater der K nigin Elisabeth Neugierig geworden schaut sie sich im Haus um und entdeckt faszinierende Gegenst nde und belauscht magische Gespr che Doch schon bald ger t sie selber in gro e Gefahr In gewohnt einfachem und gut verst ndlichem Schreibsti [...]

    12. The book opens with Lucy running away from home to escape her drunk and abusive father Her mother urges her to find work in London, but on the way there she comes across two girls one stuck in the mud and in danger of drowning Lucy immediately rushes to help the young girl getting her own clothes muddy in the process The young girl and her sister are the daughters of Dr John Dee, the Queen s magician Lucy ends up living and working at Dr Dee s house caring for the children and helping Mistress M [...]

    13. When her mother sends her away so in hopes that she will be safe from her violent, alcoholic father, Lucy finds herself on the run without a home or a job Fortunately, she is hired as a maid to serve in the household of Dr Dee, the court magician to Queen Elizabeth I Lucy is both intrigued and afraid of Dr Dee s mysterious work, which is rumoured to involve raising and speaking to the dead When Lucy overhears plans to speak with the dead daughter of one of the royal ministers and dreams that the [...]

    14. Magie et mascarade sont au coeur de ce passionnant roman, dont la configuration historique, plus que soign e, est admirablement reproduite L auteur apporte des notes de pr cision en fin de roman, pour expliquer le contexte et l importance des personnages rencontr s dans cette fiction le docteur Dee, par exemple, a bel et bien exist L histoire est racont e de fa on limpide, vue travers la sensibilit de la narratrice et h ro ne Lucy est une jeune fille attachante, port e par une curiosit qui frise [...]

    15. I have nothing much to say about this book I mean, it is a nice book pretty interesting too I liked the fact that Lucy, the narrator, always gets in trouble because of her curiosity Like, even though she s had tons of problems because of that, she is still as curious as she used to be I like how she admires the Queen, also The characters are quite nice even too nice, after all Dr Dee, Lucy s boss, is so odd When I started reading this book, I hoped that there was gonna be a relationship between [...]

    16. Wirklich ein sch ner historischer Roman mit Fantasy.Um was gehts Lucy kann nicht lesen und schreiben Ihr Vater s uft und schl gt sie Da macht sie sich auf nach England und ger t durch einen Zufall ins Haus des Zauberers Dr Dee Doch nichts scheint so wie zuerst gedacht Lucy lernt lesen und schreiben, entdeckt Geheimnisse und pl tzlich scheinen Geister mit ihr zu sprechen Und was hat das ganze mit der K nigin zu tun Lucy ist so ein liebevoller Charakter, sie ist ehrlich und treu Ich mag sie einfac [...]

    17. as a change from my usual YA reads, this book is historical fiction with no romantic subplots supernatural elements are often shown to be a rouse, and the main character is easy to live through without being bland Lucy has an identity and i like that I have a running list of vocabulary words from this book that arent in the glossary at the back Hoper definitely did her research on Eizabethan times.i dont know if ill read the rest of the series, but i can telyou that i liked At The House of the M [...]

    18. This is a very accessible YA novel in which a young girl comes to work in the household of Dr John Dee and becomes involved in various intrigues around the court of Elizabeth I.I felt Hooper did a good job of capturing the period and even though it was very much written for YA, it was a quick fun read I think it would be a good introduction to the period for teens with an engaging central character.Hooper includes a short list of sources, a glossary and author s note on the historical period.

    19. This book wasokay I think it settles in the 14 and up category It is a fast and easy read that is considered Historical Fiction And maybe that s what turned me off toward the end was Queen Elizabeth s loving and forgiving attitude I don t think, based on all I ve seen and read about her, that she would have responded the way she did But, that s a personal opinion and I did enjoy the other characters I do want to read the second book just to see how it turns out.

    20. It took me a little while to get into this story, mostly because it s been a long while since I ve read any middle grade books Once I did get into it, I fell in love with this book It s well written, provides lots of little tidbits about the era, and a character who makes some questionable choices that add some intensity to the book Best of all, it had jester s in it I m a fan of any novel with jesters As far as I m concerned they re the unsung historical heroes.

    21. Lucy, fleeing a destitue situation at home, secures a place as servant in the house of Dr John Dee, magician to Queen Elizabeth Determined to one day serve the Queen at court and elevate her position in life, Lucy is delighted to find that the Her Grace visits Dee on occasion But little does she realise, where ever the Queen travels, mystery, rumours and danger follow in hot pursuit.

    22. Eigentlich habe ich an der Geschichte nichts auszusetzen, hatte aber mit einem Einzelband gerechnet und war deshalb sehr berrascht, weil es sich im Endeffekt doch um eine Reihe handelt Weil deswegen viele Fragen offen bleiben und r ckblickend alles eher wie eine Einleitung wirkt, ziehe ich doch noch einen Stern ab, um den Folgeb nden die M glichkeit f r eine Steigerung zu lassen.

    23. Interesting plot, with plenty of potential for the sequels By Royal Command and The Betrayal Lucy is precocious and curious, but with a head on her shoulders that makes her lovable instead of annoying.

    24. Je me suis tr s vite prise dans cette histoire et j ai d couvert une poque que je ne connaissais pas L auteur parle de la magie qui tait la mode l poque mais avec parcimonie et expose les limites de celle ci C est le premier tome d une saga qui me donne envie de lire les autres livres.

    25. Lucy gets a job as a maid at the house of Dr Dee and begins to hear strange noises What could it be This was a quick but good read The writing style was good and it ends hinting at a sequel Definitely reading the next book Recommend this.

    26. Petite lecture YA assez plaisante.Cependant, m ayant t vendu comme roman historique, j aurais aim davantage de faits temporels afin de l immerger totalement dans le roman Ici, je me suis sentie hors de l histoire tout au long de ma lecture.

    27. Ooh, ilove Thomas Fool I loved this book It s engaging and i would love to serve the queen as well, ask me anytime

    28. Loved this book well written once again became absorbed in the character Looking forward to reading the follow on from this book all her others.

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