My First Garden

My First Garden By Tomasz Bogacki, Inspired by hearing that a garden used to grow in the yard in front of his house, a boy recreates it with loving care.. My First Garden Inspired by hearing that a garden used to grow in the yard in front of his house a boy recreates it with loving care

  • Title: My First Garden
  • Author: Tomasz Bogacki
  • ISBN: 9780374325183
  • Page: 142
  • Format: Hardcover
  • 1 thought on “My First Garden”

    1. Charming book with beautiful illustrations of a young boy in the town he grew up in It showed all of his favorite rooms in the home, what his parents, siblings, and grandparents used to do piano, reading the paper, etc It also showed how he loved to draw and how he discovered beautiful gardens and the park he used to visit It even shows the bikes paths he used to take Between the gardens and how he liked to look in bookstore windows, he could have been my child.

    2. Our main character reflects back on his childhood home and his first time planting a garden His house is the central element and from there we follow him to his grandfather s house, along roads through the town, and to the neighborhood where he plays with other children The beauty of the simple tale is the sense of culture we get from the illustrations and descriptions of the house and town A classic Old Town in Poland

    3. The concept for this story is a nice one but it just wasn t executed as successful as it might The ending is brief and confusing Three generations of gardeners but it was not well explained just suddenly moves from the garden the father made to the one the son is working on The transitions from distant past, past and present were not easy to distinguish.

    4. This story could be used to show how commas are used in writing, and to show the different ways authors can present text One could read this story as an introduction to a lesson on plants, and even have the students plant their own plants and make a garden.

    5. Cute simple story my foot three and five year old enjoyed it and it was helpful to see a simple transformation of the courtyard and the addition of the simple garden and the effect that had

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