Finding Mr. Wrong

Finding Mr. Wrong By A.M. Madden Joanne Schwehm, Here s a tip never trust a jackass in preppy clothing The phrase trust me should have been my first clue to hightail it out the door, but hindsight is always 20 20 So there I was, on a stage with two other men, being asked ridiculous questions by a woman I couldn t see, but whose voice made my pants tighten and not around my ankles Before I knew what was happening, IHere s a tip never trust a jackass in preppy clothing The phrase trust me should have been my first clue to hightail it out the door, but hindsight is always 20 20 So there I was, on a stage with two other men, being asked ridiculous questions by a woman I couldn t see, but whose voice made my pants tighten and not around my ankles Before I knew what was happening, I d signed up for six weeks in paradise, isolated on an island for forty two days with a complete stranger And when I finally laid eyes on the sexy brunette who belonged to that voice, a part of me thought this wouldn t be so bad.I ve always been a levelheaded guy I am a successful, smart, and shrewd business man But that was when I was listening to the head above my shoulders Once the blood traveled south, I always ran into trouble She called me Mr Wrong, and that was fine with me Lesson learned lust always trumps logic.Finding Mr Wrong is a contemporary romance stand alone novel meant for readers who are 18 due to mature content.. Finding Mr Wrong Here s a tip never trust a jackass in preppy clothing The phrase trust me should have been my first clue to hightail it out the door but hindsight is always So there I was on a stage with two

  • Title: Finding Mr. Wrong
  • Author: A.M. Madden Joanne Schwehm
  • ISBN: 9781635760798
  • Page: 110
  • Format: Paperback
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    1. Another vague review coming your way, people This one is really hard to rate There s this social experiment where two complete strangers end up on an island for 6 weeks and try to fall in love Or something And there s a money prize if they end up marrying Right If you re one of those people who would roll eyes even at the premise of this book STOP RIGHT THERE Pick up Anna Karenina instead, or something Since I am not one of those people, I shall allow this awesomeness of a fiction into my brain [...]

    2. ITS LIVE This cover This synopsis MY GOD GIVE ME, GIVE ME, GIVE ME Follow Me On Blog Instagram Facebook Twitter

    3. 3.5 StarsOverall Opinion This was a pretty light, low angst, sexy read The whole premise was pretty fun and unique, so that made it enjoyable The h got on my nerves a little, but it wasn t so bad I would say it ruined the story for me I m just tough on my hs The ending felt a little too stretched out for me I know, I know I just can t be happy It does allow time in between their conflict and the HEA so there is that This seems like a book that the safety gang will love because it had no OW OM dr [...]

    4. Joanne Schwehm and A.M Madden have delivered an unforgettable hero in FINDING MR WRONG Jude Soren is RIGHT on the money He s the guy you dream about finding I loved his filthy mouth most of all 5 sexy stars

    5. Job interviews make Brae Daniels feel sick She has been to several ones since she quit her job, that she has lost count already In no time, her savings will all be gone and the last thing she wants to happen is to sleep on the gutters of New York City Being at this difficult moment of her life, she might just grab any opportunity that will give her money, even if it means she has to be on an experimental dating show for a month and half, with a total stranger.Brae has her eyes on the cash prize [...]

    6. The book begins with a social dating experiment calledIgnite Your Spark They leave a man and a woman on an island in a cabin for 6 weeks to see if their spark grows into loveAnd if they marry at the end of this six weeks, they also win the money given as a prize And when they get married, they cannot get divorced for a year or they will give the money back Welcome to Ignite Your Spark, sponsored by Flame Relationship Services We believe true love sometimes needs than that initial spark It s not [...]

    7. 2.75 starsI like my heroines immune to the perfection of a male body, or at least who could better hide their sexual desire and attraction to the hero.With this one I wanted to reach in the book and wipe drool off her chin.Apart from that it was ok I guess.Thanks heaven the heroine wasn t a virgin, no OW OM view spoiler except his detailed flashbacks about his ex gf such as how he sucked on her ample boobs and how good her red lipstick looked all over his c k it was almost at the end of the boo [...]

    8. 4 Wrong is so, so right StarsWas this my favorite book of all time Was it a cute story Did I enjoy it Is it worth reading Are you going to read it

    9. These two authors have an awesome knack for creating a deliciously sexy romance Like any true life romance there is drama, tension, lust, misunderstandings but most of all an opportunity to find The One Jude s ability to test Brea s patience limit had me cringing but laughing because even though Brea was quiet she her feistiness came out when needed I appreciated their ability to coexist with each other without killing one another But along with that how the were able to truly get to know one an [...]

    10. I m really LOVING these two authors writing together They turned out something pretty AMAZING with FINDING MR WRONG It s unique, incredibly sexy, emotional, and swoonworthy to the core Cover to cover, it was EVERYTHING I could ever want in a 5 STAR ROMANCE I ve been told I m amazing That you are But you know what Hmmm I lifted her off the floor, forcing her legs to wrap around my waist Pinning her against the door, with the weight of my body supporting her, I held her hands above her head I thin [...]

    11. Leyendo este libro record una serie que ve a hace poco en el canal AE donde las parejas se casan el d a que se conocen, matrimonio a primera vista creo que se llama, que es mas heavy que lo que plantea este libro porque aqui al menos le dan tiempo a los mc de concerce por casi dos meses viviendo juntos en una isla, as que por muy incre ble que parezca est n cosas pasan realmente hoy en d a, el libro es divertido, sexy, entretenido, y Jude ummm me ten a tonta con su dirtytalk So, since we re stuc [...]

    12. Finding Mr WrongAM Madden Joanne Schwehm Who says no to a hot Swede Long weeks alone with a hot guy and at the end of the rainbow you re thousands of dollars richer Count me in Brae is jobless and in need of money asap, the good thing is she got an easy way to get the cash.And it s not even cheap cash, like a lot of cash Just stay an an island, with the man of his choosing and get married Only it is not that easy, one night stands doesn t come close to her vocabulary, so he needed to find Mr Wro [...]

    13. Mr Wrong is so RIGHT I loved everything about this book Get ready to meet your next book boyfriend Full review closer to release Update There is nothing wrong about Finding Mr Wrong by A.M Madden Joanne Schwehm Without a doubt, Finding Mr Wrong will be one of my top recommendations of the year This incredibility sexy, heartfelt and hilarious romantic comedy will melt your heart and steam up your e reader screen Finding Mr Wrong is absolute perfection and must be your next one click book purchase [...]

    14. 4.5 Fantastic Stars Review by Lisa KaneI loved this book It s funny and sexy and has a great storyline Two people duped into entering a contest by their friends who hope like hell they don t win Brae Daniels friends think she would do great in the Flame Dating Service s contest Six weeks on a tropical island with the bachelor of her choice And a cash prize a half a million dollars She could finally make a real contribution to her parents debt for the family farm Jude Soren on the other hand, doe [...]

    15. image error Finding Mr Wrong by A.M Madden and Joanne SchwehmStandalone Contemporary Romance4.75 5 starsWhat a nice surprise I have never read either A.M Madden or Joanne Schwehm, but let me tell you, these women sure know how to write What a fun, sexy, unique and compelling story Finding Mr Wrong was I have no idea how they wrote it together, because there is no sign of two authors, the dual pov story flowed so well.Brae is going through a real rough patch in her life After losing her job becau [...]

    16. Finding Mr Wrong by AM Madden and Joanne Schwehm4.5 stars Wrong never felt so right This is one of those books that the doctors ordered, my Saturday was totally taken over by Jude Soren and his Sparky There were tears of laughter, tears of upset, but by the end my grin was as wide as anything and the perma smile stayed there for the rest of the day Sometimes, when you have a new collaboration, the change in authors is easy to spot, especially if you read one particular author than the other I h [...]

    17. Please don t make me regret picking you Imagine you ve just you ve just caught your boyfriend boss cheating on you, you ve lost your job, your parents are about to lose their home and livelihood What if you were given the opportunity to spend six weeks on a beautiful Island, no internet, mobile phones or outside communication and you get to spend it with a stranger you choose through an invisible screen Think Blind Date meets Married at First Sight and you have a rough idea of what Brae is up to [...]

    18. There is something about Finding Mr Wrong Well, there are a lot of things I just can t get it out of my head.Have you ever read a book and 1 Just loved every single thing about it 2 Cannot stop thinking about it 3 Want to reread it 4 Are jealous of everyone reading it for the first time because they get to experience it and you wish you could again for the first time Finding Mr Wrong is that book for me I just can t let it go I can t stop thinking about it I want to reread it all over again and [...]

    19. UPDATE on August 4th 2017 LMAO review show review showNeed thoroughly investigation I don t like too much push and pull Besides , 392 pages it will take a lot of imagination to not get boringwait and see I hope readers leave reviews.

    20. OHHHH MYYYYY GOSH Hands Down that was one reading experience I WILL NOT forget in a hurry Because that s exactly what I got, an experience of EPIC proportions where I fell in lust, then blinding, soul crushing love Everything about Jude and Brea was just WOW I mean at 33% I would have happily gave this book ALL THE STARS By 44% I never wanted it to end And that wasn t even half way What AM and Joanne have done with this book is literally beyond any of my expectations From the fun introduction of [...]

    21. Wow I am star struck I can t remember the last time I ignored all my responsibilities to read a book in one sitting, but it couldn t be helped with this sexy page turner Finding Mr Wrong never felt so right The characters embedded themselves, gripped my heart, and had me celestially swooning AM Madden and Joanne Schwehm wrote a crisp, uniquely plot driven, utterly irresistible drop dead must read A stunning cowritten debut Here are a few of my favorite quotes leaving me pebbled with goosebumps a [...]

    22. 4.5 Sparky Stars Ok, I really ended up falling for the hero, Jude He s funny, witty hot as hades refer to sexy a cover In the end, he ends up being everything a girl could want Brae, kind of annoyed me at times I still liked her, but I felt like once Jude proved himself, she was harder on him than necessary She s stubborn to where he s cocky He s wealthy, and she s not so much But in the end, I loved them together This was a lengthy story, that left me feeling satisfied It didn t cut out short o [...]

    23. 3.75 4 StarsThere were many things I really enjoyed about this book It was funny, crazy, hot and drew me right in However, it did seem to get a little sidetracked and seemed to lose it s focus.r lack of a better description I did enjoy it overall and would consider another from this pair.

    24. Keep your eye on the prize After having read books by both authors, I was very excited to get a taste of their collaboration, and I was not disappointed I honestly can t tell who wrote what, it was very seamless and smooth I couldn t stop smiling as I read and I even snorted and giggled out loud quite a few times I m sure that if I had been in public I d have embarrassed myself Mr Wrong is right up there as one of my top reads I fell so hard for Jude He is just perfect in every way Even his assh [...]

    25. The dynamic duo of AM Madden and Joanne Schwehm have produced one insanely wonderful book A romance that will have you laughing and swooning and sighing like nobody s business Yeah, it s that good What starts as a chance to earn some money she desperately needs in order to help her family, Brae Daniels finds herself on a tropical island for the next 6 weeks with the very sexy, very cocky Jude Soren and her life is never the same again These two play a game of cat and mouse like seasoned pros and [...]

    26. Let me preface this by I don t read many co written books as the flow seems off to me Not this one This book was seamless Flawless From one chapter to the next One character to the next Jude and Brae were developed perfectly not rushed and not drawn out Now to the juicy part Can I abduct Jude Sorenson Hell, Brae is looking pretty good here Their introduction wasn t your standard meet greet unless barriers and three questions are your typical way to meet your forever love They are opposites that [...]

    27. ARC I was completely captivated by this book from the very beginning until the end Love love this book Where to start This book was full of everything Romance, passion, love, drama, heartache, witty characters and ended perfectly I loved this book, I couldn t put down until I knew how everything was going to pan out Full review coming soon

    28. Finding Mr Wrong by A.M Madden Joanne Schwehm is a fast paced story that will have you laughing out loud.Brae is doing everything she can to find a new career when she takes a leap to be on a reality show in the hopes of winning major money Little does she know what kind of antics she s sighed up for.Jude is not the one who came up with the plan for him to be a part of this wild adventure But he finds himself intrigued by the little spitfire that is Brae Elizabeth.This was one of those fun, ligh [...]

    29. Jude Soren can ignite my spark anytime This book was cute, funny and such a pleasure to read The storyline was refreshingly original and I loved reading it Brae with her hilarious little quirks oh lorde snoring and Jude with his sexy tattoos, even sexier accent and gigantic heart made this book for me I can t wait for the next book in this series

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