Riders Of The Pale Horse

Riders Of The Pale Horse By Davis Bunn, Two young Americans find themselves caught up in a deadly high stakes political and spiritual conflict in the Red Sea port of Aqaba.. Riders Of The Pale Horse Two young Americans find themselves caught up in a deadly high stakes political and spiritual conflict in the Red Sea port of Aqaba

  • Title: Riders Of The Pale Horse
  • Author: Davis Bunn
  • ISBN: 9781556613463
  • Page: 321
  • Format: Paperback
  • 1 thought on “Riders Of The Pale Horse”

    1. A chilling thrill ride that makes you consider the future of our planet.cially when you consider everything that has happened since this book s publication over two decades ago.

    2. When I finished this book, I asked myself do I regret that I read it The answer is no, but I would never re read it Not that I don t like spy novels, but I found this one weak and unattractive The main characters have no real depth and don t develop themselves, except that they fall in love with each other Parts of the story come out of thin air without any connection with the rest of the story At the end the plot becomes even worse and the ending is terrible.What I liked was the descriptions of [...]

    3. This book started off well, setting the scene in the ex Russian badlands Georgia, South Ossetia, Chechnya 20 years ago I found the interplay interesting in light of recent issues with Russia, Georgia and South Ossetia too.There s a lot of detail early on, and a well woven story introducing the characters of Wade, Rogue and the chorus of Russians, S Ossetians etc The horrible truck journeys, with lots of storyline, take the majority of the book Allison s bits are just a little meh.Then suddenly, [...]

    4. A good read that gave me a lot to reflect on Not one of my favorite books by this author but may have one of my favorite characters in Wade Waters His ability to listen and care for others is something to strive for One of the best depictions in the book is Wade s ability to live out his faith with out feeling a need to beat people over the head with his beliefs.

    5. Some parts don t link up with others well For example, the opening describes a family in Russia, but the father of the family doesn t come up again until much later in the book, and then even later by name.

    6. Thoroughly enjoyed the book until about the last 3 chapters At that point it got a little goofy The ending was possibly the worst I ve ever read Aside from a horrible ending, it seemed as if he grew tired of writing simply chopped it off I was completely disappointed left unsatisfied.

    7. I think I would have given this book a higher rating if I knew history about all the Russian and Middle Eastern countries and their politics, religious wars and changing borders Shame on me I know the overall picture of Christian persecution and rising Islamic Fundamentalism.

    8. This was not one of Bunn s better books, in my opinion It was rather confusing at the beginning with all the different characters and locations However, I did begin to enjoy it after I got halfway through, and it is a good book.

    9. Love this author, but this is not my favorite book Very, very confusingly written Far too much detailed description not enough plot.

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