Against the Double Blackmail: Refugees, Terror and Other Troubles with the Neighbours

Against the Double Blackmail: Refugees, Terror and Other Troubles with the Neighbours By Slavoj Žižek, Today, hundreds of thousands of people, desperate to escape war, violence and poverty, are crossing the Mediterranean to seek refuge in Europe Our response from our protected European standpoint, argues Slavoj Zizek, offers two versions of ideological blackmail either we open our doors as widely as possible or we try to pull up the drawbridge Both solutions are bad, stToday, hundreds of thousands of people, desperate to escape war, violence and poverty, are crossing the Mediterranean to seek refuge in Europe Our response from our protected European standpoint, argues Slavoj Zizek, offers two versions of ideological blackmail either we open our doors as widely as possible or we try to pull up the drawbridge Both solutions are bad, states Zizek They merely prolong the problem, rather than tackling it.The refugee crisis also presents an opportunity, a unique chance for Europe to redefine itself but, if we are to do so, we have to start raising unpleasant and difficult questions We must also acknowledge that large migrations are our future only then can we commit to a carefully prepared process of change, one founded not on a community that see the excluded as a threat, but one that takes as its basis the shared substance of our social being.The only way, in other words, to get to the heart of one of the greatest issues confronting Europe today is to insist on the global solidarity of the exploited and oppressed Maybe such solidarity is a utopia But, warns Zizek, if we don t engage in it, then we are really lost And we will deserve to be lost.. Against the Double Blackmail Refugees Terror and Other Troubles with the Neighbours Today hundreds of thousands of people desperate to escape war violence and poverty are crossing the Mediterranean to seek refuge in Europe Our response from our protected European standpoint argu

  • Title: Against the Double Blackmail: Refugees, Terror and Other Troubles with the Neighbours
  • Author: Slavoj Žižek
  • ISBN: 9780241278840
  • Page: 500
  • Format: Hardcover
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    1. Refugees, says Slavoj i ek, are the price humanity is paying for the global economy They are a result of global inequalities, and slamming down the drawbridge will not help, for mass migrations are an inevitable part of the future, especially as climate change begins to bite However, opening the floodgates and letting large numbers of refugees into Europe is an equally futile response, and can only cause trouble in the end, we won t like them and they won t like us Better to understand that this [...]

    2. This was long on intellectual posturing and philosophical name dropping and short on solutions it s a polemic, not a guidebook, although the latter is vaguely suggested by the marketing of the text Most of the book deals with issues only loosely related to migration and refugees, an early rant on TTIP being an especially irrelevant example When the What Is To Be Done chapter arrives, in the last 10 pages, the solutions offered are vague and unconvincing and involve some sort of abstract solidari [...]

    3. No carece de inter s este ensayo de Slavok i ek Ljubljana, 1949 en el que ste formula preguntas que en mayor o menor medida a todos nos conciernen i ek reflexiona sobre la llegada de los inmigrantes a Europa, cuyo n mero va en aumento, sobre las causas que lo han propiciado el colonialismo, las invasiones de Irak y Libia y sobre todo la globalizaci n, que ahogando a unos pa ses, obliga a sus habitantes a buscarse la vida en otra parte y se habla de c mo la Uni n Europea afronta el problema recur [...]

    4. I found this this the most approachable i ek book I ve encountered Still difficult of course, but very relevant and insightfull

    5. Thought provoking, resoundingly so Contextualises and illuminates the caused of and responses to the modern concept of refugeeism i ek is an erudite man, with a clear and pragmatic approach to contemporary taboos I particularly enjoyed the way he used literary touchstones to drive home any given argument Well worth a read In fact, it should be on every MPs must read list.

    6. Eight or so years ago, I was fortunate enough to attend a lecture Slavoj i ek gave at my college Unfortunately, I didn t know at the time who he was and was too distracted by his many nervous tics to truly grasp what he was saying something to do with his interpretation of Christ s crucifixion If only I could be so lucky as to attend one of the great philosopher s lectures today I would never take such an event for granted again Against the Double Blackmail is probably i ek s most accessible boo [...]

    7. I can understand why some people will find this read absolutely harrowing It obviously clashes with everything that you hear in traditional media But I m also convinced that it s a little bit closer to the truth, especially in the discussion of moving past the emphatical argument when discussing refugees and their situation The one thing I didn t like was Zizek s push for a sort of communist solution to this, but I agreed with most of his other arguments He hits the nail on the head in terms of [...]

    8. Pametan ovek Ponekad i suvi e za moje standarde, ili bar eli tako da zvu i.Nisam itao i ka, ali sam uo dosta o njemu, pa je bio red Mogu e da nisam izabrao pravu knjigu Iako kratka, i iako govori o bitnoj temi imigranata i kako re iti trenutne probleme Evrope sa njima, ipak je 150 strana na tu temu mnogo.

    9. i ek argues that refugees are, first and foremost, objects of particular material and economic conditions conditions that we, in the West, benefit from and are partially complicit in The disintegration of state power, he reminds his reader, is not purely a local phenomenon but the result of international economics and politics in some cases, such as Libya and Iraq, it is even the direct outcome of Western intervention 53 From here, i ek problematizes this dilemma further the universe of capital [...]

    10. i ek es siempre inteligente y mordaz Sin duda el m s interesante y entretenido de los pensadores contempor neos Y ste es un libro breve pero demoledor, en el que, como de costumbre, el fil sofo se ahorra cualquier indicio de correcci n pol tica y condescendencia y pone las cartas sobre la mesa la crisis de refugiados es una consecuencia del capitalismo global Y, por supuesto, no basta con lamentarnos o realizar peque as campa as de fingida solidaridad sino cambiar, radicalmente, el sistema pol t [...]

    11. The central idea from this book is prevalent in i ek talks writings post syrian war post Paris bombing, throughout early 2014 to end of last year 2015.

    12. Applied philosophy What can be done about the seemingly insurmountable inflow of refugees to Europe The refugees are only a symptom of global capitalism, which is proving unsustainable I found many interesting ideas here, not least of which was that the idea of trying to better understand those who are different from us whether they be the Other or the Neighbor or both is not going to help us Written before the horrible U.S election of 2016, this short book long essay does not consider the Unite [...]

    13. Brillante Gedanken, aber viele intuitiv nicht eing ngige Argumentationen und merkw rdige Beispiele Au erdem krasse sprachliche Vermischung von einfacher Laiensprache und schwieriger Fachsprache.

    14. Europe Terrorism Refugees Europe draws many immigrants seeking a life away from poverty and conflict This has been particularly true in the past few years, when a massive surge of refugees has stampeded through our borders to seek asylum from the open ended violence and hardships in Africa and the Middle East Immigration, however, has always been a controversial issue in Europe Public opinion about immigrants and their impact on society is largely influenced by claims that our culture is being f [...]

    15. Overall I m a big fan of this book, which encourages us to find common cause with refugees in the sense that most of us are victims of exploited by neoliberal capitalism, and that even those of us in the global north are outsiders than insiders in the working of global capital Zizek calls for a return to Communist class struggle, but reconceptualized for late capitalism, where the struggle is not merely industrial workers against factory owners, but the entirety of the dispossessed and economic [...]

    16. The governing modality of Zizek s writings and thought can be specified as paradox This embodiment of paradox reaches down to the level of Zizek s style or genre the very anecdotal informality that make people read him is often rightly criticized as a lack of rigor but who among us reads only rigorous academic works Yet the point, Zizek might say, is that both the praise and the critique are correct we don t have to choose, but rather to reside in the undecidability that demands something like a [...]

    17. In this acerbic, polemical work, the controversial philosopher Slavoj Zizek attempts to tackle the problems posed by a growing influx of refugees from the Middle East into Europe Combining a complicated narrative style with complex metaphysical analogies, Zizek compares the reaction of both authorities and the public in Western Europe to the flow of refugees from both Africa and the Middle East, to Elisabeth Kubler Ross s description of how an individual reacts when diagnosed with a terminal ill [...]

    18. A tour de force on refugee crisis, this book establishes a root cause analysis, World nations track record of handling it and what needs to be done to solve it.There are points that I agree and others I don t In this review I will attempt to cover both ends.The reasons I gave two stars are mostly technical This is not a cohesive narration, but rather a very messy one with varying degrees of meshed up complexity and plenty of divergence Hence it suffers from lack of fluency, consistency and conse [...]

    19. Some parts of Zizek s new book has been written in his articles over the past few months, adapted to fit into the scheme of the book It covers refugees, and all the moral dilemmas around what causes them to arrive to Europe, how they act when they arrive, how we treat them and how this is problematic A great philosophical voice weighs in But in one of the first chapters he rambles on about religion which continues into the next It seems that he decided to ramble and divide the chapters to preten [...]

    20. Slavoj i ek schafft es immer wieder, mit wenigen S tzen und Gedankeng ngen meine eigenen berlegungen und Standpunkte ans unsicher zu erkl ren Der Philosoph ist nicht nur unglaublich intelligent, sondern schreibt faszinierende Texte ber aktuelle Themen aus denen noch jeder etwas ber die Welt und seine eigenen Gedankenmuster lernen kann.So ist auch Der neue Klassenkampf eine fesselnde Streitschrift, die das aktuelle Fl chtlingsthema aus einem anderen Standpunkt betrachtet Dabei zeigt i ek schonung [...]

    21. I won t ever quit you, Left, but we do need some counseling, and i ek, with his recentering of class and emphasis on the consequences bearing down on women and LGBTs from the willful blind spots of both the Right and Left provides a nice first session I disagree with his stance on the Ferguson riots, rather than divine violence, the end result was a movement with the organized demands he claims are lacking That said, it s a refreshing, fair, and humane read, and his take on Frankenstein made me [...]

    22. Smart, funny, very readable, and pop culture savvy for every Fredric Jameson name drop, he also references something like The Searchers with John Wayne And his critiques of global capitalism and privileged leftist hypocrisy often ring true But as for what s to be done about the refugee crisis, terrorism, racism, class conflict, etc well, his call to dis arms is long on naive idealism and short on specifics, it seems to me Anyway, this is not a policy book, it s a philosophical critique, and as s [...]

    23. Fun book to read, I found myself waking up quite early just to finish one chapter before going to work But in the end it s a short book with a strong polemic tone, doesn t support almost any of its claims, or provide any idea in its completeness.The last chapter named after Lenin s famous book looks promising when the reader checks the table of contents before reading according to it the book is first pointing out the problem, then showing the reasons behind it, and presenting a solution in the [...]

    24. Maybe such global solidarity is a utopia But if we don t engage in it, we are really lost And we will deserve to be lost God bless this man for keeping me on my toes as a radical Leftist We went to see him two days after the US election and he was right on time in capturing just the sentiment we needed to hear It s time to end the culture wars and engage in the struggle for true justice I m excited to live in a moment when are receptive to this message The dream of an alternative is a sign of t [...]

    25. If Zizek teaches anyone one thing, its that nothing is ever as straightforward as it appears As usual he provides incredible insights into world events through an uncanny brilliant philosophical lens Of great appreciation is the way that he dismisses many of the PC leftists taboos as childish, which they often are If he falls short, its in his providing of any unique answers or positive programs, for him there seems to be a courage in saying I don t know , which I m not sure I agree.

    26. I found this book really interesting, the analysis of the current refugee flows, the critics to the different approached to this phenomena are really interesting and add a lot of value, at least to my personal point of view, while I got a little bit deceived when Zizek talk about what we should be doing, especially in the second part of his description when he start talking about the different cultures Overall a good and fast read.

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