Bait, Brutes, and Bullets: Tales from New Biloxi

Bait, Brutes, and Bullets: Tales from New Biloxi By Kyle Perkins Lila Vale, Catastrophic flooding plunged the Earth into a harsh existence hundreds of years ago Unable to bear the weight of the chaos, societal structures broke down and domes were constructed to preserve the coastal cities as the surrounding areas became swampy wasteland In this new and unforgiving world, survival of the fittest is the only true law Harvey Cline has perfected hiCatastrophic flooding plunged the Earth into a harsh existence hundreds of years ago Unable to bear the weight of the chaos, societal structures broke down and domes were constructed to preserve the coastal cities as the surrounding areas became swampy wasteland In this new and unforgiving world, survival of the fittest is the only true law Harvey Cline has perfected his bravado in order to survive in the Biloxi dome, but it takes than charm to stay on top for any length of time Hostility between the competing casinos is escalating and he risks losing everything When he learns of a new drug that could rig the game in his favor, he heads to the swamps to find the source He thought it d be easy saving his casino, but he wasn t expecting the pretty bird in the sundress to give him a run for his money Typical swamp folk are secretive, angry, and hostile Norra Lasalle is no different With a little bit of luck and a whole lot of bluffing, she s been able to keep her head above water while making Gator Bait, but people are starting to snoop around and she s worried she may have bitten off than she can chew Harvey is pure trouble in a fancy suit and she wants no part of it, especially when the guy has a real knack for working down her guard Her anonymity has kept her alive so far but how long can the loose lips in a small town keep that kind of a secret. Bait Brutes and Bullets Tales from New Biloxi Catastrophic flooding plunged the Earth into a harsh existence hundreds of years ago Unable to bear the weight of the chaos societal structures broke down and domes were constructed to preserve the c

  • Title: Bait, Brutes, and Bullets: Tales from New Biloxi
  • Author: Kyle Perkins Lila Vale
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 446
  • Format: Kindle Edition
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    1. Another great collaboration between Kyle Perkins and Lila Vale I am not usually a fan of dystopian or futuristic stories but gave this a shot because of previously read books by these two great authors and I am glad I did After a different out come to some historical events like the North losing, JFK not being killed and slavery not ending until 1989, the earth is hit with a flood leaving the government to build a Dome city under the water for the rich and leaving the poor on the surface to live [...]

    2. Set in a futuristic America, Biloxi is a domed city separated from the swamps by a tunnel with automatic guns There is a lot pf prejudice between the residents of Biloxi bubble people and the swamp folk swampies Due to the tunnel and only way through is by using a chip visiting each other is rare Harvey the owner of the a once popular casino has troubles of his own, new casino owners are moving into his patch and are starting a turf war One night he comes across a new drug called gator bait and [...]

    3. I honestly wasn t sure I was going to like this book Dystopian isn t really my genre, but I ended up really enjoying it Harvey Cline needs to win the competition between the rivaling casinos if he wants to stay on top In order to do that he needs to find an edge The edge he needs presents itself in the form of a drug called Gator Bait He decides he needs to leave the Biloxi Dome and head out into the swamp to find the person who makes it and bring them back He wasn t expecting what he finds.Nora [...]

    4. I give BBB 4.5Kyle Lila are so compatible in their writing style, this book was again written seamlessly, clean and entertaining Its hard to find a book where two authors come together and write such a BA story without knowing who contributed where You don t need to know, because the story takes you where it needs you As I was reading this story I could visually see it unfold in my head It felt like a classic mobster film with all the glitz, guns and gangs, but moved into many years ahead of usn [...]

    5. I was gifted this book by BookRelations Blog during their Facebook spotlight of Author Lila Vale for a honest review Wow When first starting this book I honestly thought I would have a difficult time staying interested in it, as it starts out from Harvey Cline s POV I don t usually read too many books where it is mainly from the man s POV by the end of chapter 2 I was hooked This story takes place in the future after the world has been ravaged by floods and some city s New Biloxi were built to k [...]

    6. This is now the second book I have read by these guys and they re a great team Their writing is so effortless I could read their books all day long This book was recommended to me as I m a fan of dystopian and on reading their other joint work I knew I couldn t pass it up Sometimes when world building, it gets way too technical but they don t do that I understood how this new way of life came about without feeling like a dumbass I m a fan of alternating points of view and they do it so well I m [...]

    7. This was a great read, the pace of the book was steady and had really great characters You have the swampies who live and fend for themselves outside of the dome and then the Biloxi s who live life quiet opposite within the dome, however not all is well with either groups When Harvey decides to visit the swamps to look for a way to help him become the top casino again meeting Norra is not what he had in mind Their meeting not only causes a spark between them but also set about events which will [...]

    8. Outstanding I lived go this book and didn t even look at the description but I absolutely loved it Two different groups living with a tunnel and a dome separating them but there was much separating them Lies and money kept these people apart and for years It took a strong willed swampie woman named Norra and a Casino owner that was on the brink of closing named Harvey to get to the bottom of what was going on The love they find for each other, even though they are ROM two different worlds, is w [...]

    9. Mind blown Action Adventure Romance Twists and turns around every corner It s a winning combination This story grabs on to you from the start and takes you on a wild ride As it passes forth alternating from Norra s viewpoint to Harvey s you get a good angle at what both sides see and feel towards each other and how their predilections towards pre established prejudices determine how they interact with each other An excellent read and a must have addition to any readers collection

    10. Rising water has made life in the city of Biloxi a struggle The city is now under a dome With power being the ultimate prize in the city life can be quite complicated Meet Harvey and Norra One has something the other wants They must work together but that might be the harder then life in the swamps Great 5 star read.

    11. I received this book in exchange for an honest This book is set in the futuristic South, and many things are different from history The main characters are doing their best to survive Harvey is a charismatic wealthy man who makes his way to the swamp area.Norra is a stubborn, swamp girl trying to keep a secret This story was well written and the plot was good.

    12. Oh my gosh this book The world is rich, believable and fantastic I love the main characters and the supporting characters, ok and the characters mentioned in passing Do yourself a solid favor and fall into New Biloxi You will not be disappointed 5 huge glowing glittering bright shiny stars

    13. I am not a huge fan of futuristic books That being said this was not the norm It was written with us normal readers in mind There wasn t a lot of big words I needed to look up what they mean I really enjoyed this book It was a quick read for me I would recommend it.

    14. Unexpected tales from BiloxiAt first I was bored but I kept reading, it got better, exciting I m a little shocked the way it turned out I did not expect it to go the way it did.

    15. This book has it all prejudice, action, drama, romance, suspense, power and trust all rolled into one Harvey and Norra are brought together from two totally different lifestyles thrown into life and death situations, this book is action packed from start to finish to their happily ever after.

    16. Romance, suspense, actionThis was great The story is full of everything you would want in a book with awesome characters This really locks you in and takes you into another world Great writing, enjoyable characters, never a dull moment story 5 stars.

    17. When I opened this book I had no idea what it was going to be about I enjoyed the story of swampies and bubble people learning to work together And you never really know who your friends are, or are not Harvey and Norra are a great couple and I hope there will be tales of New Biloxi.

    18. Action Adventure Twists and turns around every corner This story grabs on to you from the start and takes you on a wild ride Harvey and Norra are a great couple and I hope there will be tales of New Biloxi.

    19. This was an interesting read Has a lot in it to keep your mind wanting what s happening Liked the action story with the side romance I really liked the characters and how they interacted in the book.

    20. It made me smile, angry and malt all in one book What an amazing read Guns, games and loves and Yup it s worth 5 star

    21. I received a free copy in exchange for an honest review I Really enjoyed the storyline as well as the chemistry between the characters This book kept me entertained.

    22. This is a fun, wild, thrilling ride Harvey and Norra make a dynamite couple and there s no end to the excitement and danger they encounter in this tale Set in the futuristic South, in a place that has two very distinct groups, swampies and bubble folk, the two lead characters must find a way to bridge a cultural gap wider than the Grand Canyon.There isn t a dull moment in this book which made it impossible to set down until I came to the last page of the epilogue, and even then I sat and stared [...]

    23. Written in the future, after the south has been affected by rising water levels, there is a city within a dome, Biloxi As protected, wealthy and ritzy this city is, there is still a struggle for domination and power within the confines of the structure encasing them inside Of course there is a way out for those that live in the dome, just no way in for those that don t When news of a new enhancer reaches Harvey and his casino, he follows the path to the open aired swamplandsNorra is a girl in a [...]

    24. I really enjoyed this book I loved the relationship between Norra and Harvey Norra is a sassy take no shit woman who stands her ground and doesn t let people walk all over her Harvey is a typical bad boy and borderline gangster in my opinion I envision Harvey as a HOT bad boy who has everything and knows exactly what he wants whether it be control or money etcThe only negative I have is that when 1 chapter was from Norras POV then the next chapter was from Harveys POV there was no indication who [...]

    25. Bait, Brutes, and Bullets Tales from New Biloxi, by Kyle Perkins and Lila Vale, is a mashup success I ve used mashup because although BBB is listed as Dystopian Sci Fi Romance it s so much than that Yes The environment is dystopian, but the characters dialect and described attire all produced a 1930 s crime romance packed into a dystopian dome feel As usual, I immensely enjoyed Perkins and Vale s unique and descriptive storytelling Action, suspense, hot romance, and even comedy are all interwov [...]

    26. Loved Such a great book by two of my favorite authors Action packed I loved the characters Harvey and Norra He has such am arrogance, confidence and sway to him that you just can t help but love him And Norra is a spitfire who takes no crap from anyone I loved the flow from chapter to chapter, writing style and it was on point A great story about the dystopian Biloxi societies and dome I loved the premise and storyline It was something unique and different to read but still made sense.

    27. I m not normally a fan of dystopia books but as I like both Kyle and Lila s other books, especially their last collaboration Monte, I knew it d be worth the read and I wasn t disappointed, the characters were well written, the story line engrossing and there will be a few suprises along the way.

    28. I wasn t sure if I d like this book or not, then I started it I couldn t put it down I think I laughed out loud reading this book than I ever have with any book I even ordered the paperback before I d even finished it lol, the characters are amazing I love the banter between them all, it s just a pretty amazing book

    29. I loved it It made me laugh It made me mad even at times and ofcourse we cant forget about the romance between Harvey Norra Its a great story

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