The Best Possible Answer

The Best Possible Answer By E. Katherine Kottaras, AP exams checkSAT test checkCollege application checkDate the wrong guy and ruin everything you ve spent your whole life working for checkSuper achiever Viviana Rabinovich Lowe has never had room to be anything less than perfect But her quest for perfection is derailed when her boyfriend leaks a private picture of her to the entire school a picture only he was supposed toAP exams checkSAT test checkCollege application checkDate the wrong guy and ruin everything you ve spent your whole life working for checkSuper achiever Viviana Rabinovich Lowe has never had room to be anything less than perfect But her quest for perfection is derailed when her boyfriend leaks a private picture of her to the entire school a picture only he was supposed to see Making matters worse, her parents are getting divorced and now her perfect family is falling apart For the first time, Vivi feels like a complete and utter failure.Then she gets a job working at the community pool, where she meets a new group of friends who know nothing about her past That includes Evan, a gorgeous guy who makes her want to do something she never thought she d do again trust For the first time in her life, Vivi realizes she can finally be whoever she wants But who is that While she tries to figure it out, she learns something they never covered in her AP courses that it s okay to be less than perfect, because it s our imperfections that make us who we are.. The Best Possible Answer AP exams checkSAT test checkCollege application checkDate the wrong guy and ruin everything you ve spent your whole life working for checkSuper achiever Viviana Rabinovich Lowe has never had room to b

  • Title: The Best Possible Answer
  • Author: E. Katherine Kottaras
  • ISBN: 9781250072818
  • Page: 198
  • Format: Hardcover
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    1. It s too bad this book wasn t published during summer, because it can make a cute summer read.But then again, us living in Canada sure need books to make us feel warm during winter as well So no worries You ll hopefully enjoy this whatever season you re in.About the story, it s light, though it does deal with meaningful matters themes cheating, lying, education and relationshipsEVER, and this annoyed me, the author doesn t develop them all in dept You ll notice, the book is pretty sort 260 pages [...]

    2. I received an advance copy of this book for free Thanks to St Martin s Press and NetGalley I will not fail.Not again This was a YA contemporary story about a girl who had sent nude pictures to an ex boyfriend and had them published publicly Viviana was an okay character, and I could understand why she was so against having another relationship after her last one ended so badly, but the way she kept telling her best friend that it was alright to go after a boy who wasn t interested in her he was [...]

    3. So this is the book I expected an over stressed, over worked, high school perfectionist with trust issues learns to open up to Mr Right and live in the moment.That s not the book I got This book is not a typical YA romance In fact, it s not really a romance at all.This is a book about struggling to keep things together when your life is falling spectacularly apart.Viviana has real issues It goes deeper than the humiliation she feels from her first love spreading around her nude selfies in retali [...]

    4. I would like to thank St Martin s Press E Katherine Kottaras for my copy of the ARC.I loved the cover for this book and with the promise of coming of age with a slight romance in the mix, I thought it would be for me While it was an ok read plus I read it in a couple of hours it didn t blow me away, so due to this, I would have to give two and a half stars.Viv is obsessed with being perfect, with her parents breathing down her neck to always hit perfect grades and make good life choices, suddenl [...]

    5. Ever since I read How To Be Brave last autumn, I have been waiting for Mrs Kottaras next novel, and she does not disappoint Her writing is spot on once again, if not even better than what she showcased in her debut.This time around Mrs Kottaras brings us a story about trying to overcome traumatic experiences and learning to love yourself, that is filled with relatable characters I was hooked from chapter one, and I would ve finished it in one sitting if it wasn t for reality getting in the way I [...]

    6. 3.5 starsI really liked the premise of this and was quite eager to get to it I liked Vivi well enough She s smart and is dealing with a lot of personal things I enjoyed being in her head and reading her figure things out Sammie and Evan were interesting characters, and I absolutely loved Vivi s little sister, Mila The idea of a slice of time usually irritates me, but it really works with this story And man, there are a lot of things that happen Some of it is good, some of it is bad, some of it i [...]

    7. I was lucky enough to read this book early and completely fell in love with it It s authentic, gripping, emotional, and all kinds of amazing So excited for this one to hit shelves

    8. Read of my reviews on YA Romantics or follow me on BloglovinHmmm this one had its moments, but didn t do it for me 100% There were a whole lot of plot elements and for me they didn t all work together.It s the summer before Viviana s senior year, and she s got a plan spend the summer at an engineering academy, SAT prepping, etc But her crippling anxiety attacks start getting in the way Her shifting relationships with her absent, high achieving father and her best friend, who likes the same guy [...]

    9. I was really excited for the format, but in the end it just turned out to be an excuse for clunky backstory expositional passages e.g Let me tell you All About My Best friend which seemed like a previously in my life catch up before the main event I m not sure how well the format of college tips and advice even worked in the latter half of the story when it was about Vivi s family issues rather than her stressing out over college Also, best friends fighting over a boy NOOOOO Had I known this w [...]

    10. This review can also be found on YA Books Central Huge thanks to the publisher for the review copy in exchange of my unbiased opinion A Touching Contemporary Novel The Best Possible Answer is a book that s been on my radar for several months and now that I ve had the chance to read it, I am pleased to say that it lived up to my expectations I ve been searching for a book that would give me insight to what happens when a person works herself or himself too hard trying to please everyone s expecta [...]

    11. ARC provided by St Martin s in exchange for an honest review This was my first read by E and I have definitely become a big fan This book follows Viviana, who is an academic overachiever Her life has taken a turn for the worst after a certain incident arose and she has to try and keep it together while everything crumbles around her Her summer plans fall through so her best friend, Sammie, gets her a job at the community pool along with her My heart honestly twisted painfully through most of thi [...]

    12. The Best Possible Answer really surprised me This book is all about overcoming difficulties and contains a main character who overworks herself I didn t know that it would be set at a pool, one of my favourite locations ever I loved the mix of fun and seriousness and would recommend it if you are a fan of the same thing.This book is all about dealing with hardship After her ex leaks pictures of her, she overworks herself to the point of being hospitalized, and her parents announce divorce, Vivia [...]

    13. Is this book A about family, family implosion and how to ride the chaos of familyB a story of strong friendship and how it can hold you together C about second chances and learning to trust yourself againD a fun story of summer friendship and romanceE all of the above Hint test prep research shows that you should actually always pick E It is funny how a writing style can change everything In anyone else s hands this novel could have been run of the mill But instead it is a charming book of frien [...]

    14. 3.5 This definitely kept me interested and I think students will like it, but parts of it were a little too tidy while others seemed incomplete I do appreciate the clear message that mistakes do or have to define us

    15. This book was a pretty decent book It was definitely a general book with romance and family problems, but I liked how the author didn t have a traditional ending, and put in a cool twist I also liked how unique the characters were, but I do feel like at the end of the book, the author left a lot of things hanging Overall, it was a pretty good but short read.

    16. This was quite a mixed read for me, despite it being my favourite genre, YA The author is new to me and whilst she does write well, I failed to connect fully with the character of Viviana Viviana is a complex young person emerging into womanhood She has severe anxiety, in part, due to the stresses of parental separation and betrayal by her first boyfriend I did feel for Vivi in regards to her anxiety but I found observing her somewhat tense and a little stressful Vivi has a mother who I did not [...]

    17. This was one of the best books I ever read I couldn t out it down This book is about a girl named Viviana who did something she wasn t supposed to and after that ended up getting hurt and her mother wants to hover over her so closely to make sure she doesn t do it again and to make sure she isn t still hurt Viviana soon goes to work euth with her best friend Sammie and meets a boy named Evan This book is filled with exposed secrets and family fights I recommend this book for all.

    18. I saw this on a giveaway and I was intrigued due to the cover and story title This has got to be one of my most anticipated YA reads for 2016 I m gutted that I am 2.5 weeks too young to enter the giveaway for a copy because from reading the summary, I m hooked.November is so far away

    19. 3.5 liked it a lotI wanted to read The Best Possible Answer because I liked the sound of Vivi I am drawn to books about anxiety, young people making mistakes and how they learn from them, and the complicated family dynamics that it hints at.Vivi is it dealing with panic attacks at the beginning of the book and her mom has finally realize how much stress she s only trying to do so much and be so much as an honor student and although she is trying to encourage her to slow down part of the problem [...]

    20. I received this ARC from NetGalley in exchange for my honest review.Ugh, I wanted to like this one I really did There were parts that I liked I could relate to Viviana s need for perfection and all the tension she felt at not getting everything done that she needed to And I liked the panic attack part of it But that was about it First, the story should have just focused on Viviana s need for perfection and her desire to please her father But alas, there was way too much focus on romance Viviana [...]

    21. In The Best Possible Answer, chronic overachiever Viv is trying to continue to over achieve while trying not to pay attention to her life as she knows it falling apart Her dad has disappeared She doesn t understand it but she s trying to protect her beloved sister from worrying about it as well The guy that should be interested in her best friend is interested in Viv instead She is stuck in a job at the local pool rather than at engineering camp, which is where she wants to be Oh, and she is sti [...]

    22. This book surprised me very pleasantly I was expecting a fluffy romance, but it s much than this and I love it to pieces.The main character of The best possible answer is a girl who s coping with anxiety due to family drama, academic pressure, and the fact that some naked pictures of her are spreading wildly This way we get to see that, despite what some people might think, panic attacks are real, that mental health is important, and you need to take care of yourself.This is a book about knowin [...]

    23. Loved this young adult novel and couldn t put it down Beautifully narrated with a powerful message about growing up and learning to love oneself Viviana is a high school senior concentrating on applying for early admission to Stanford and striving for perfection When an ex boyfriend posts personal pictures of her, life becomes chaotic With the help of her best friend Sammie, she learns to survive amidst bullying from schoolmates and disappointment from her family A devastating family secret lead [...]

    24. Read this in one sitting and liked it a lot The whole test study guide preparation thing worked really well for me, and Kottaras just has a way of writing heroines I find so relatable Cute romance, great BFF, compelling family centric storyline definitely recommend and honestly wish it d been out in time to be a summer beach read, because even with its heavier stuff it just felt so perfect for that.

    25. I received a copy of this book from the publisher via NetGalley in exchange for an honest opinion I was first drawn to this book because of the adorable cover and the promise of what I thought would be a coming of age story combined with a cute love story Unfortunately, I did not get what I had expected The writing is solid, and I liked that it lightly touched upon mental issues and typical problems that teenagers face, but I couldn t connect with this story or the characters.The book opens with [...]

    26. The best possible answer is about Viviana, who is in high school, and is dealing with a bunch of stuff all at once It starts off with her waking up in the hospital because she fell asleep on her bike ride home and fell off her bike Vivi sometimes has episodes and her family thinks its because she s overstressing and overworking herself Vivi s dream is to go to Stanford, like her dad, so she s been studying so hard for her AP exams and her finals She also has the best friend in the world, Sammie, [...]

    27. Chapter headings are set in the format of SAT or college admission application questions.Teen pushed by her parents to be perfect so she ll get into Stanford gets a boyfriend against their wishes Then she makes the mistake of sending him a nude selfie, which he shares, it goes viral, her life death spirals and her parents relationship implodes While she s trying to pick up the pieces, the first guy she ever kissed moves back into town and her best friend wants him He wants her instead, but she s [...]

    28. This was my first young adult book, and I enjoyed it I m definitely looking forward to reading from this author The author potrays the main character viviana in important parts of her life Taking exams, trying to get into a good college and dating and to top it all off her family have all the dramas as well it s a lot to cope with, she has a good support system in Sammie her best friend and Evan It s interesting to see the outcome of all the trials and tribulations of her life Thanks goes to ne [...]

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